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Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Wood and Sturgeon slam Farage for scaremongering against HIV positive people

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage was shamed for branding HIV positive people as being an example of “health tourism” and a burden on NHS funding.

The UKIP leader was openly criticised by Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru and Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP, for prejudice against HIV Positive people, during a televised pre-election debate.

Farage branded HIV positive people as a burden on the NHS, saying: “You’ve got to stop money being wasted…

“Here’s a fact, and I am sure the other people here will be mortified that I dare to talk about it. There are 7,000 diagnoses in this country every year for people who are HIV positive. It’s not a good place for any of them to be, I know.

“Sixty per cent of them are not British nationals. They can come into Britain from anywhere in the world and get diagnosed with HIV and get the retro-viral drugs that cost up to £25,000 per year per patient.

“I know there are some horrible things happening in many parts of the world, but what we need to do is put the NHS there for British people and families, who in many cases have paid into the system for decades.”

Leanne Wood
Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood received applause as she slammed Farage’s comments. “This kind of scaremongering is dangerous, it divides communities and it creates stigma to people who are ill, and I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself,” she said.

Sturgeon also criticised Farage saying: “When somebody is diagnosed with a dreadful illness, my instinct is to view [a HIV sufferer] as a human being, not consider what country they come from.

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon

Last year during an interview with Newsweek, Farage said that people who are HIV positive should not be allowed to enter the UK, when answering a question who shouldn’t be refused immigration to Britain. To which responded: “People who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start,” he replied.

At the time, HIV/Aids charity the Terrence Higgins Trust said the Ukip leader should be “truly ashamed” of himself.

About Dan Littauer

Dan Littauer is a journalist who specializes in LGBTI current affairs, travel writing, feature writing and investigative journalism. He is a correspondent for LGBTQ Nation, ManAboutWorld, and previously worked for Gay Star News, PinkNews, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Gay Middle East, Lonely Planet as well as contributing occasionally to the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN and The Guardian. He also had an extensive career outside journalism, which included teaching psychoanalysis and social science, and consultancy work for the travel market. When he is not busy writing, he can be spotted rambling around the stunning Scottish landscape, where he lives, spending time at home with his cat.

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  1. My heart aches at Farage comments … And FOR him in his hate. I hope the people don't pull the lever for him at the polls. Otherwise, I'd have to ache for all those hiv positive people he speaks of as well. My heart is aching enough already.


    June 25th 2015

    Amongst its first health policy announcements, today the UKIP Government’s Health Minister, Louise Bours, announced emergency measures to ensure that only British passport holders would be allowed entrance into the UK’s STD Clinics.

    She said “this policy makes sure that we stop rampant health tourism by hitting foreigners where it hurts most, in their googlies, as the massive spiralling costs of HIV treatment just have to be cut back”. Going on, she said, “we know that these infected aliens may infect others, even Brits, but we think that the value of British-first in our health system just has to be the main imperative”.

    With immediate effect, she also prohibited NHS doctors from continuing HIV retroviral treatment to HIV and AIDs afflicted people, saying “when people get sick, we think that the right thing to do, for non-Brits, is simple home care, whereby Romanian, Bulgarian or whatevers get looked after, up to death, by their parents, and people like them. “Doctors just have to say no to non-Brits, it is quite easy, just look them in the eye and tell them “you’re not from here, are you?” They should have private health insurance anyway, which we are going to require from foreigners in my next policy announcement”.

    Queried about the consequences of a major HIV outbreak following this change, she said “well, once we leave the EU we will deport people with HIV back to bongo-bongo land or wherevertheheck they came from, so that we, in this, our country, will be alright”.

  3. Sorry Dan, many of us have paid into the NHS all of our lives with a promise we may get care as we get old. Despite these promises thousands die every year being stuck on long waiting lists or denied care simply because the NHS has not enough money.

    Sorry, HIV is an avoidable disease (accept children), people can avoid catching the disease by taking simple steps. However what is worse is the money is being spent on those not just because they made bad life style choices but when they have not been a single penny into the system.

    This is OUR NHS not some one who has just recently arrived into this country. Yes I believe in charity however this is the responsibility of free Individuals like you and me donating not government throwing our money away.

    What Nigel has said is 100% right and it is a shame on Nicola for avoiding the issue. What is worse is Nicola is a complete hypocrite in her answers as her government is issuing a new ID system designed to prevent foreigners from abusing the system.

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