Tuesday , 17 May 2022

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Pope Francis

Belief Matters … or Not? Trans response to Pope

Last week Pope Francis described gender theory and teaching about transgender people as a threat ...


  1. This is great news, but another site said the WHO had decided being transgender was genetic. Not so, methinks. It’s like saying being human is genetic. Must be poor reporting.

    I’m so glad they have a non-binary story here. Since 2002 I’ve used Mx (or Mix), a non-binary transgender title (which is the best description for it, rather than gender-neutral).

    Anyone wanting to use Mx for themself, and any organisation wanting to add it to their forms, should read this comprehensive article BEFORE they proceed: http://www.mixmargaret.com/about-mx-with-miss-mrs-mr-ms-and-the-singular-they.html

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