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Wee Man Neil makes graphic statement supporting gay community

The controvertial kiss
The controversial kiss

The Wee Man’s recently released music video for his satire-rap Parliamo Glasgow made a visual statement in clear support of the gay community, when filming a scene where two supporters of opposite ‘old firm’ teams came together as if to pick a fight which ended in a passionate embrace. A kiss nonetheless!

The comical rap music video begins with Taggart’s own Colin Mcredie (better known in the show as DC Stuart Fraser) and well known comedian Des Mclean finding the body of Neil Bratchpiece, more commonly known as ‘The Wee Man’. The wee man is seen in some sort of club wearing a gold medal which he claims to have stolen.

The provocative scene in the video is sure to spark debate and interest surrounding LGBTI people within all the different communities which Glasgow is home to.

Neil told KaleidoScot that he wanted to do something surrounding the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, so where better to start than by rapping about Glasgow slang and how so often it can’t be understood by the tourists, mainly Americans and even people who come from anywhere below Carlisle. “Most of the time they don’t understand what I am saying.”

When questioned about the kiss in particular, Neil responded by saying “It is something I had on my mind for a while, that was even before Barrowman stole the spotlight at the opening ceremony. The idea is a controversial one, and I think it’s fair to say that the image of a Celtic and Rangers guy squaring up to each other and going into a kiss has never been thought of before.”

We asked if there was any specific meaning behind the kiss or any particular reason he decided to add this to his music video, to which he replied “It’s just shouting out against all types of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, even which football team you support.”

We asked why Neil created the character ‘The Wee Man’ and he told us that he did so mostly because all the comedians were making jokes about ‘neds’ and putting on the ‘ned accents’. He also added “People tell me that it’s good that I take the mick out of neds, but they don’t seem to understand why I am doing it. Most people say they love it though, because it gives a voice to be heard for those who don’t get one. That is more what I wanted to get out of The Wee Man.”

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