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We find out why Scotland’s club DILF is a hit


KaleidoScot catches up with James Hurrel, who started one of Scotland’s most popular gay men’s nightclub, DILF, and find out what’s it all about.

KaleidoScot: DILF: What’s it all about?

James Hurrel
James Hurrel

James: DILF is a sweaty dance party aimed at gay men, currently hosting monthly club nights in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We recently held our Glasgow Festive Bash Party at The Poetry Club where we had over 400 guys spread over three rooms. Our guest DJ from London Wes Baggaley served up a mix of disco and some choice classic pop, and residents DJ Eddy Murf and guest DJ Christian provided Club Classics.

The night was packed with hot bare chested men, their hands in the air right up until the lights went out. Grrr

The name DILF is the male version of a popular slang acronym that most people are familiar with, it’s a bit naughty and meant in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

KaleidoScot: How did the party start and why?

James: I recognised a gap in the market for a men only event that would appeal to gay men of all age groups. Having been exposed to some of the best club nights in the UK spanning the last twenty five years, I was aware there was a demand for a more music-led event that would be reminiscent of these, with a less chart based music policy, no dress code, and without much of the attitude found elsewhere.

Once I had the right DJ on board, in the shape of Eddy Murf, I finally decided to launch DILF, and it’s been welcomed with open arms.

KaleidoScot: Who goes to the party?

James: DILF events attract a huge range of guys and as we encourage self-expression we see a lot arrive or change into fetish wear, leather, rubber, sports kit or dancing in their pants, yup! It’s all going on!

Most dress casually in jeans and t-shirt although ‘Taps-Aff’ inevitably occurs and there are others who go to great lengths creating their ‘outfits’ – they add a real fun vibe to the party, it’s definitely fun.

It’s a very friendly and ‘up for it’ crowd, a lot of whom I’ve known for many years, so it’s lovely to have their support. It’s also attracting a lot of new faces every month, and it’s great to see people interacting and making new friends – as word spreads, the audience is definitely growing.

KaleidoScot: Any interesting or fun stories?

James: I’d been talking about booking a live act to perform at the event and with the help of Bobby Gibson from The Waterloo Bar who managed to connect me with one of my favourite Scottish vocal dance divas, Mary Kiani, currently residing in Sydney Australia who, I may add, is a HUGE gay icon there and a bit of a star in a lot of people’s eyes here at home.

She was excited to hear about our DILF party and wanted to know more as I had previously worked for her when she owned the nightclub SLAVE here in Glasgow back in the late nineties.

She warmly agreed to come and “perform for the boys” her words btw and gave a fantastic performance interacting with the audience, telling them she was actually a MILF and generally giving us some great patter in-between belted out some top dance tunes and even treating us by singing one of her greatest hits as an encore impromptu and acapella “WOW she has some pair of chops” I heard someone remark!

The reaction from that night and the buzz from working with a professional like Mary has given me an appetite for more live acts so watch this space!

KaleidoScot: What are our plans for the future?

James: We plan to keep building on our success here in Scotland and have now launched DILF as a monthly event on the last Friday of the month at Studio 24 in Edinburgh.

After the success of parties held in September and November we’ve been inundated with enquires so we hope support continues to grow – we’ll be inviting guest DJs to play here and hope to incorporate the live acts as well, keeping it relevant and fresh.

Glasgow-wise we hope to grow the event each month as numbers increase and intend to work hard to ensure each party is as memorable as the last and look forward to celebrating our first birthday party in May to coincide with the launch of our website.

I hope to announce some other DILF related news soon.



Next DILF Edinburgh Party on 29th of January:

At Studio 24

24-26 Calton Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8DP

Next DILF Glasgow Party on 30th of January:

At The Poetry Club

100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow G3 8QG Glasgow, United Kingdom


You can purchase your ticket here


Find out more here…

Facebook: DILF Scotland

Twitter: DILFScotland


Here are some pictures from DILF

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  1. Not everyone wants to walk about in their pants (or less) so thank you for not having a dress code.

    Good luck and see you Saturday in Glasgow.

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