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Transgender woman completes 32 mile charity walk in high heels

Jai Latto (left) during her 10-hour, 32-mile walk
Jai Latto (left) during her 10-hour, 32-mile walk

A Scottish transgender woman has completed a 32-mile walk in four inch high heels to raise money for charity.

Jai Dara Latto, from Walkerburn in the Scottish borders, walked the entire distance from her home town to Edinburgh Castle on Saturday in order to support the work of three LGBTI charities: the Sahodari foundation (an Indian campaign and support network), the Thai Transgender Alliance (an organisation promoting human rights for transgender people in Thailand), and the Scottish Borders LGBT Equality Forum.

Jai leaving Walkerburn

Jai told KaleidoScot that the idea of walking over 30 miles in high heels came to her at a difficult time. She explained: “I came up with the idea over the first few days of the new year. I was having troubles with bullying and people saying that I was fake and that my transition wasn’t real. I’ve always been involved with doing charity work and love to challenge myself physically and mentally. So I thought a walk would be good to show the issues many trans people face and also to raise a few pennies for a good cause.”

The distance was intended to highlight the lengths that many trans people have to go through, while the high heels were to show the pain many trans women experience when fitting into a female stereotype.

“The whole point of the walk was to be like a big metaphor. To say that the journey of any one trying to find them self is long and it has loads of ups and downs. But there are many people on it with you and it’s all worth it in the end, even if you have a few blisters from it.”

Arriving in Edinburgh

The day itself went “really well”, with great weather and terrific support from family, friends and LGBTI activists along the journey. “It was very eye opening and heart-warming to know I have all these amazing people supporting me“, said Jai. “It was all worth it. I brought a lot of awareness for the transgender community and that’s what I wanted the most. I’m not sure what I have planned next, but it will be more challenging than the last I love to always push myself.”

Jai’s walk took about 10 hours to complete. To date she has raised over £500 for her selected charities, but that total continues to rise. People interested in donating can still do so by following this link.



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