Tuesday , 5 July 2022

About KaleidoScot

KaleidoScot is Scotland’s online publication and digital home of its LGBTI community, providing it with news, reviews, opinion pieces and original articles of interest. We aim to provide news about all the important community issues in Scotland alongside arts, culture and sports coverage.

KaleidoScot provides an online voice for a growing community while providing a mix of informative, engaging and artistic content to foster interest and spark debate.

Marriage equality, Pride and the Commonwealth Games; barely a week goes by without LGBTI issues making the news, yet until now the LGBTI community in Scotland have had no news portal to call their own. KaleidoScot is published on www.kaleidoscot.com and is shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google News.

Bringing together the skills of several well-established writers and activists with a growing team of contributors, KaleidoScot seeks to represent the community in all its diversity while providing informative and engaging content on the stories affecting Scotland’s LGBTI community.