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Tuesday , 17 May 2022

Unionists launch homophobic attack on Glasgow gay councillor

Cllr Austin Sheridan attacked hy homophobic unionists
Councillor Austin Sheridan

Unionists just outside Glasgow City Chambers have launched a verbal homophobic attack on Austin Sheridan, out gay SNP Councillor for Baillieston at Glasgow City Council, on Friday evening.

UPDATE: Police have now detained the homophobic attacker described below.

Sheridan told KaleidoScot that has just left his work at the City Chambers when he was approached by two men who noticed him wearing a Yes badge, and another saying “I only kiss boys who vote Yes.

He captured the incident on his mobile phone, “I filmed the attack with my phone for my own protection,” he stated.

In the video a man approached the Councillor shouting at him: “Stick your independence up your ass.

“No surrender, no surrender!!

“Scum, nationalist scum!”

While another approached Sheridan screaming: “Its not your fucking country, why don’t you fuck off, why don’t you fuck!

“You can film me all day, Scotland said no, you fucking poofter, fuck off!”

Sheridan told KaleidoScot: “I’ve accepted the democratic decision of Scotland but it is totally unacceptable that unionists use the result as means of intimidation, any intimidation is totally wrong.

“All homophobic and transphobic attacks are unacceptable, it is totally unacceptable and ridiculous that one’s sexuality, ethnicity, religious belief, political views, gender, or any other issue, should be used as an excuse to attack anyone.

“I will be working hard with all Scottish politicians to make sure there is no intimidation following referendum because Scotland must unite one.”

Update Saturday 20 September – Sheridan just stated that “the guy who launched a homophobic attack on me at George Square yesterday has been detained by police.”

A large crowd of Unionists and Orange Order supporters have congregated on George Square, right in front of Glasgow City Chambers, shouting abuse at Yes campaigners and waving the Union Jack flags in celebration of the referendum No vote.

The Councillor said he will be report the incident later to the police as they are currently busy trying to control the large unionist crowd, with reports coming in via social media of widespread disorder and other attacks on people identified as Yes supporters.

Commenting on the incident, Rob McDowall, Member of the Equality Council and Chair of LGBT Network charity, told KaleidoScot: “The scenes in George Square tonight highlight the very real danger of over-stoking the fire.

“The sad fact is that Glasgow didn’t vote for this, it voted Yes for independence. Homophobia and bigotry isn’t welcome in a modern Scotland and it is each of our responsibilities to tackle it.  We already have very clear legislation in Scotland which is reflected in the seriousness in the offence charged and the sentences imposed on those found guilty of hate crimes.”

Speaking with KaleidoScot, Darren Young of the Better Together condemned the attack: “Homophobic attacks are deplorable and have no place in Scotland, regardless of your view on what the referendum was, yes or no.

“Having worked alongside Police Scotland with regards to Third Party Reporting, I know that Police Scotland will take this issue seriously and we need to tackle these attitudes and ensure that these incidents are reported to the police.”

About Dan Littauer

Dan Littauer is a journalist who specializes in LGBTI current affairs, travel writing, feature writing and investigative journalism. He is a correspondent for LGBTQ Nation, ManAboutWorld, and previously worked for Gay Star News, PinkNews, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Gay Middle East, Lonely Planet as well as contributing occasionally to the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN and The Guardian. He also had an extensive career outside journalism, which included teaching psychoanalysis and social science, and consultancy work for the travel market. When he is not busy writing, he can be spotted rambling around the stunning Scottish landscape, where he lives, spending time at home with his cat.

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  1. Thanks Nayers of Perth and Kinross this is your dream of Scotland. Paul Hotchkiss is this your description of freedom.

  2. This is bad but your counsellor should not have shouted back as it is just asking for trouble

  3. This is disgraceful, these people who voted NO do not belong in the UK at all, that behaviour is a NATIONAL disgrace. They should be arrested and charged. And on that token Scotland should have its freedom if it has had to put up with people like that for so long.

    • Scotland spoke and yes, Scotland said no, so it's a bit late now for Scotland should have it's freedom. We had our chance and screwed it up, so we only have ourselves to blame.

    • Ok – I voted NO for my own reasons – I am not scum, am not ashamed to be Scottish or any other rubbish that has been flung at me. I am also GAY, do NOT condone this type of behaviour at all and do NOT conduct myself in this way at all, so please think before you tar everyone with the same brush!

  4. I can admit I am a no voter but this attitude and behaviour is not acceptable. Why is the need to go out and verbally attack someone! It's people like that who put Scotland to shame..

    Hope his place of work sees thier behaviour and gets what's coming to them..

    I am truly sorry there are people like them around. But it's in both campaigns not just in the one..

  5. Just look that what 55% of the Scottish people voted for you are a disgrace to your country now just watch it all fall apart

    • "Just look that what 55% of the Scottish people voted for"

      Don't be silly. Saying that the majority who voted NO endorse or are to blame for the dreadful behaviour of this is man is utter nonsense.

  6. Andrew Everett snr Is one of the men in this photo

    • why have they 3 deadheads not been arrested for insighting hatred,and bigotry,not to mention the rest of the hatred breeders,what a disgrace to scotlands people,,

  7. Did I hear a call for a Scottish Republican Army?

  8. What happened to you is inexcusable but how can you drag the Orange Order into this? It a real cheap shot and shows the hatred you yourself have for anything Protestant Unionist Loyalist. The referendum's over it's time to move forward and respect each other. What ever happened to the slogan One Scotland many cultures or doesn't that apply to Unionism.

  9. I am very proud to that I am Scottish, but when I hear of such things it make me ashamed to admit that there is such bigotry in Scotland

  10. A bigoted pathetic minority was already present before any referendum and will continue to be into the future. Any relation to the referendum is just cheap points scoring.

  11. Billy from Banknock

    Forget the low life scum, they only crawl out from under the rocks once they have had enough drink, in my experience they are frightened little people.

    The whole referendum must have shaken them and their wee minds to the brink…….forgive them…they do not know any better……I think we should start a fund to get the wee fat one a new set of wallies as his kept falling oot during his wee poisened rant.

    Billy from Banknock

  12. See we are all missing the point here with the gay guy, he shouldn't have worn his yes badge when he knew the 55% majority were in the square because he just wanted trouble obviously. That's the problem here is that the counsellor shouldn't have baited them to cause a reaction, he was the guilty one here for causing that problem it's clear on the video.

    Why did he record it? For attention and to make us look bad. We are the majority of scots who voted yes to a United Kingdom and we should get our say just like you lot have.

    • This has to be the most stupid thing I've read.. honestly! So because he knew they were there he should take of his badge? What if he Was proud to be part of the 45 percent that voted yes? He should take of his badge for a bunch of muppets acting like these pathetic people in the video? How about these idiots in the video learn to have a bit more self control and walk past someone with a different opinion to their own? If a rapist is known to live in a certain street, does that mean girls shouldn't walk down that street incase he rapes them, and if he does, does it mean they asked for it? I could go on with a million examples of how stupid your statement is, but something tells me you would rather join they animals, than listen to someone with a different opinion to your own!!!

  13. better together knew this would happen they knew it and told their staff to distance themselves and not mention anything except deny they were BT people. BT visited lodges and gave them literatiure and done a talk in the govan lodge to tell people they must take to the streets as their voices were being drowned out by yes supporters. They also made comments about war heros turning in their graves if we got independence – that is to stir up trouble and get the heavies out to protest. Sickening and bt or the labour mob haven't even said anything on Twitter to condemn it. Silence is condoning it.

  14. Why did this Cllr egg him on tho?

  15. Serves him right he was instigating the conflict instead of moving directly out of the their way they decide to take on tens of people when there's two of them.I don't think he realises who he's dealing with those were loyalists no unionists bit of a difference.28 out of 32 constituencies voted no and Glasgow only voted yes because it's full of uneducated scum who were either born into or put themselves in poverty and couldn't get themselves into poverty if you gave them all the money in the world far too uneducated to make such an important decision.

  16. Erm, street politics surely? “ Why don’t you go to Edinburgh, Orkney’s that way” . Austin seems to have his very own prejudices when it suits.

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