Monday , 21 October 2019

Trans Equal Marriage: true diversity, true love

Finlay KS 2
Finlay & Drew

Finlay and Drew, two trans men, who met as a former lesbian couple, Abbie and Kate, are set to marry as gay men in Glasgow in two years’ time, the Daily Record has reported.

The two met in a bar in Oxford and have been in a lesbian relationship for just over five years.

Finlay Games knew he was trapped in the wrong body but feared what the implications on a wonderful relationship would be. On telling live-in-partner Kate, Finlay was relieved to learn that although she was surprised she was completely supportive.

As Finlay begun treatment and physical changes became apparent Abbie realised she too had always been trapped in the wrong body. Kate became Drew Bushnell as he begun his transitioning.

41 year-old Finlay proposed to 32 year-old Drew from Ayrshire in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow and the pair now look forward to a spiritual wedding in 2017 when both will have completed their gender reassignment treatment.

The happy couple who both have connections to Glasgow have chosen the city they love as their wedding venue at which point Finlay will have completed treatment as Drew begins initial hormone treatment.

All the team at KaleidoScot wish Finlay and Drew the very best wishes for the future.

About Anne Kane Austin

Anne Kane Austin
Anne Austin is a 39 year-old Glasgow based mature Journalism graduate looking on the brighter side of life. Her interests include LGBTI rights, human rights, animal welfare, politics and comedy.

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  1. What is a "spiritual wedding"?

  2. Does no one know what a "spiritual wedding" is??

  3. So they still love the females inside them instead of breaking up and finding straight women after their surgeries have been completed. How admiral. Just goez to show that sex has nothing to do with true love. My bf fiance and I are sex free cuz we dont like sex. We are each others true love. Our relationship is perfect. Its a little strained cuz I cant afford to bring back to Texas. The love will never die.

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