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TIE Campaign: Report shows LGBTI issues vital to Scottish education

TIE Campaign
TIE Campaign

The TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) campaign says a report published today on LGBT inequality in Scotland highlights need for LGBT+ inclusive education to be statutory across all Scottish schools.

Following The Scottish LGBT Equality Report revealing widespread discrimination and prejudices against LGBT people in Scotland, the TIE campaign said Scotland must urgently embark on legal and educational reforms.

The report by the Equality Network is based on an online survey of 1,052 people from across the country conducted between November 2012 and March 2013, and found that 89% of respondents believe LGBT people continue to face inequality in Scotland.

Almost half of LGBT people said they had experienced an incident of prejudice or discrimination in the month prior to the survey, rising to 79% within the previous year.

The TIE Campaign have submitted a petition to the Public Petitions Committee in the Scottish Parliament,an LGBT+ inclusive education to be statutory across all Scottish schools

TIE campaigners responded to the report today stating: “The horrendous, and very disappointing statistics, released today by Equality Network, further highlights that the progressive and forward thinking society that we want to live in, is yet to be achieved.

“The quest for true equality is ongoing; we firmly believe that an inclusive education is the most vital way to change social attitudes and can offer an antidote for the many prejudices that the LGBTI+ community still face on a daily basis.

“Thus, alongside the positive work that is already being done in this field, TIE will continue to push for the educational reform that we, and those backing our campaign, believe to be an essential step forward.”

Jordan Daly of the TIE Campaign highlighted the issue raised in the report stating:  “It is one thing for a young kid to be struggling to accept themselves; it is another for them to feel trapped and excluded in an environment where they are supposed to feel safe and nurtured.

“By refusing to acknowledge or teach LGBTI issues, what we are essentially doing is candidly ostracising LGBTI pupils. Education is the best tool to tackle homophobia in our schools. Perhaps if we made clear the struggle and difficulties that many brave LGBTI+ people faced when fighting for their rights, then kids would think twice before calling each other ‘faggots’.”

Human Rights lawyer Aamer Anwar added:  “Surely one of the most fundamental human rights  must be the freedom to love who you want. For far too long LGBTI issues have been considered taboo but paid lip service to. When people are being murdered because of their sexuality or forced to live a lie for fear of attack, it is essential that our schools take the lead in exposing and tackling such discrimination.

“For me there should be no hierarchies in the fight against discrimination, they are all equally valid. The key to creating a 21st Century Scotland society free from racism, sexism and homophobia is the education of our young people so I would urge everyone to sign this petition.”

About Dan Littauer

Dan Littauer is a journalist who specializes in LGBTI current affairs, travel writing, feature writing and investigative journalism. He is a correspondent for LGBTQ Nation, ManAboutWorld, and previously worked for Gay Star News, PinkNews, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Gay Middle East, Lonely Planet as well as contributing occasionally to the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN and The Guardian. He also had an extensive career outside journalism, which included teaching psychoanalysis and social science, and consultancy work for the travel market. When he is not busy writing, he can be spotted rambling around the stunning Scottish landscape, where he lives, spending time at home with his cat.

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