Monday , 16 September 2019

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UK government concerned over youth anal sex

Government says anal sex in youth is "risky" and "unwelcome"

The UK government has expressed its concern at the increasing number of  “young people engaging in anal intercourse” which is seen as “risky”, “unrealistic” and “harmful”. Sexual health campaigners slam the report as a “unhelpful” and if implemented likely to cause “an increase in risky behaviour”. The Government’s concerns were cited in a consultation paper Child Safety Online: Age Verification ...

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Half of young people “are not 100 percent heterosexual”


New research from YouGov suggests that nearly half of young people aged between 18 and 24 are “something other than 100% heterosexual”. Using the Kinsey scale, YouGov asked participants to place themselves on the scale from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual). 72 per cent of participants identified as completely heterosexual, with 4 per cent describing themselves as fully ...

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Does sports education contribute to homophobia?

Homophobia in sports education

A new Australian research revealed that four out of five school students have experienced casual homophobia in Physical Education (PE) lessons while a quarter have been physically abused by classmates during school sporting activities directly contributing to depression and anxiety among victims. The research findings of the study by Melbourne’s Victoria University, in conjunction with Australian mental health charity Beyondblue ...

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