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Joe FitzPatrick: Independence an opportunity for a fairer Scotland

Joe FitzPatrick

In an exclusive video-interview, Scottish government minister, Joe FitzPatrick, talks about the prospects for Scotland’s independence and being one of its high profiled out gay men. FitzPatrick said: “I think the great … progress that Scotland has made, when I was appointed a minister, my sexuality was pretty irrelevant… That’s the kind of progress I hope we are going to ...

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Alex Salmond: Independent Scotland to herald a new era for equality

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond, the first Minister of Scotland has stated that he is delighted with a KaleidoScot poll that shows a majority of LGBTI Scots back independence. The First Minister said that the results reveals support for a fairer country and the recognition by LGBTI Scots that an independent country “will herald a new era for equality”. The LGBTI Independence poll ...

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KaleidoScot Poll: majority of LGBTI Scots back independence


An overwhelming majority of LGBTI Scots have backed independence in KaleidoScot’s exclusive Referendum Poll. With over 1000 people taking part, its the largest survey of LGBTI people during the Referendum campaign, 85% of the respondents have backed independence. KaleidoScot has been running a series of features and interviews in the final weeks of the campaign, including calls from MSP’s Drew ...

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Patrick Harvie urges LGBTI Scots to vote Yes

Patrick Harvie

In an exclusive video-interview, out bisexual Patrick Harvie MSP has urged Scotland’s LGBTI community to vote for independence in the 18 September referendum as well as take part in KaleidoScot’s poll. Harvie, who is the co-convener of the Scottish Green party, said that “there are real opportunities from YES vote for Scotland to lead the way” in terms of LGBTI ...

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KaleidoScot launches an LGBTI Scottish Independence poll

Scottish Referendum

On 18th September Scotland will hold a referendum on whether to become an independent country or to remain part of the UK. KaleidoScot is now running its own poll asking specifically LGBTI people if they prefer Scotland to be independent or continue to be part of the United Kingdom. This KaleidoScot poll can help you focus on the issues that ...

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Scottish referendum campaign groups debate LGBTI rights

Scottish Referendum

Yes LGBT, the pro-independence referendum LGBTI group has called on Better Together to give concrete guarantees about the future of LGBTI rights in Scotland in the event that Scotland votes against independence. According to the letter along with the Rainbow Paper published on Monday, pro-independence campaigners argue that LGBTI rights would be better served in the context of an independent ...

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Full Equality for LGBTI says Scottish Independence group

Yes LGBT launch Rainbow Paper for an Independent Scotland

Scotland can be a fairer and more equal country under independence, argues the Yes campaign as they launched the ‘Rainbow Paper’ setting out a vision for LGBTI people. Described as “a unique opportunity to be a leading force for equality around the world”, equality campaigners have been setting out some of the reasons people should vote Yes on 18th September. ...

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Peter Tatchell says YES to an independent Scotland

Peter Tatchell

In an exclusive interview with KaleidoScot, Peter Tatchell, Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, outlines his vision for Scottish LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) rights and policies, and comes out in favour of an independent Scotland. Tatchell acknowledges that “Scotland is ahead of the game” in terms of hate crime legislation and marriage equality. He said Scottish LGBTI ...

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Voting for democracy in September

Scottish Secular Society

There’s a very good reason why we should vote Yes in September. It’s such a biggy I’m surprised nobody has thought of it…! We are voting to become a democracy. Yup! That’s right. Because we’re not one: We are a theocracy: A bit like Iran where important decisions are left in the hands of unelected clerics. In our case 26 ...

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Tom Daley and celebrities urge voters to reject an independent Scotland

Tom Daley

Out gay celebrities, including sportsmen Tom Daley, actors John Barrowman and Charlie Condou have signed a letter urging Scottish voters to reject independence. Over 200 other celebrities signed a giant “Letter to Scotland” which was unveiled in London yesterday by Dan Snow and Ben Fogle. The letter reads: “The decision on whether to leave our shared country is, of course, ...

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