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Belief Matters ….Or Not? Remembering All War Dead!


Remembering All Those Who Died in Wars and All Unknown Soldiers “Lechol Ish Yesh Shem” – “Every Man is given a Name by God” Today we will be remembering our war dead, all those brave men, women and civilian victims who lost their lives in all the wars since and including World War One (WWI). Members of the Armed Forces, ...

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To Kill a Machine in Need of a Heart

To Kill a Machine, a new full length play written by Welsh writer Catrin Fflur Huws about the life of Alan Turing.

Director: Angharad Lee

Scriptography Productions

Dress Rehearsal

May 5 2015

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01970 611106

Scriptography Productions’ To Kill a Machine written by Catrin Fflur Huws is a study of the life of Alan Turing – the man who broke the code for Nazi Germany’s Enigma encryption machine while working at Bletchley Park. However, his staggering life time of achievements quite rightfully took a backseat as it focused on the man behind all of that. ...

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Rev Donald Caskie – “a gay abroad”


The Rev Donald Caskie is largely remembered for his incredible efforts to enable over 2,000 Allied military personnel to escape from Occupied France during World War II, but he was a more complex figure than the popular heroic image in which he has often been cast. Born in Bowmore on the Isle of Islay in 1902, Caskie never appeared to ...

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Remembering Holocaust Memorial Day


Today various events across Scotland mark Holocaust Memorial Day. From Lewis to Dumfriesshire, thousands of people will remember the estimated eleven million victims of the Nazis’ systematic and brutal killing machine – as well as those who have been killed in subsequent genocides. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will attend a Holocaust Memorial Day service this evening at Ayr Town Hall, ...

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