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Terrorism: Don’t Be Scared, Go Outside

Love and and life is the best answer to terrorism

I think when terrorism and other terrible tragedies happen, fear takes hold of people. In recent history we have seen an attempted coup staged in Turkey. In France an armed man drove a truck through a crowd, killing 84 people. There have been numerous mass shootings in America, including the Orlando attack which cost the lives of 49 LGBTI people. ...

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EU: Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina must improve on LGBTI rights

EU Flag

In its annual reports on accession countries, the European Parliament said that Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania must improve on LGBTI rights. Earlier this year, the Parliament already evaluated progress in Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia. Accession country reports are seen as a litmus strong indications if the country would be allowed to join the European Union or ...

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European Parliament demands protection for LGBTI refugees

European Parliament

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted a report on the situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU, paying particular attention to the situation of LGBTI asylum seekers. The report is a response to the near invisibility of female refugees and their concerns in the wake of the steep increase of asylum seekers arriving in Europe. A significant proportion ...

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EU critical of Turkey and Western Balkans states over LGBTI Rights

EU Flag

The European Commission published its annual progress reports on accession states’ progress towards EU Membership, criticising LGBTI rights in some Western Balkans states and Turkey. In his speech to the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, the European Commissioner responsible for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, said the reports have “a strong focus on fundamental rights, including freedom of expression and fighting ...

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Harry Whyte: The Gay Scot who Challenged Stalin

Whyte challenged Stalin's 1933 recriminalising male homosexuality

Harry Otter Whyte was a remarkable Scot who played an exception and little known role in homosexual rights in the Soviet union, challenging none other than Joseph Stalin himself. Harry Otter Whyte (1907-1960) is a name most Scots will be unfamiliar with. Yet Whyte, the son of a house painter from Edinburgh, occupies an interesting position in the homosexual rights movement, ...

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Proudly Trans International exhibition comes to Edinburgh

Uganda's Victor Mukasa

Proudly Trans International exhibition, a unique one day exhibition coming to Edinburgh, explores African and Turkish transgender people’s lives and activism through art. In Africa and Turkey, as in many parts of the world, transgender people face extreme danger and challenges both in their personal lives and in their activist work. Acclaimed South African artist, Gabrielle Le Roux, uses collaborative art processes ...

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European Court rules sterilisation for gender reassignment violates privacy

European Court of Human Rights

On Tuesday, the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that the requirement of permanent infertility to undergo gender reassignment surgery is a violation of the right to privacy, as guaranteed by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The case ended on the Court’s plate after Turkish authorities refused to grant authorisation for gender reassignment surgery because the ...

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