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Scotland conference legacy for transgender and intersex rights

Becky Kent, Research Associate at the Scottish Transgender Alliance, comments about the legacy and contributions of the recent conference for transgender and intersex rights that was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. From Friday 31 October through Sunday 2 November the Scottish Transgender Alliance and Equality Network held the largest gathering of trans and intersex people, their families and allies ever in ...

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Campaign for trans and intersex rights in Scotland launched

Scottish Transgender Alliance

A new campaign has been launched in Edinburgh on Saturday calling for legal equality for transgender and intersex people in Scotland. The ‘Equal Recognition’ campaign launched by the Scottish Transgender Alliance and the Equality Network includes a call for the Scottish Government to change the law to recognise a third gender in Scotland. Currently transgender people who do not identify ...

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NHS Scotland: transgender clients data breach a ‘human error’

NHS greater Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) said a “human error” had led transgender clients’ email addresses being included in an email that was sent out on Monday from the Sandyford clinic. Some of the addresses also included full name and date of birth information, putting the transgender people at risk. The Scottish government and LGBTI campaigners have expressed concerns over ...

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NHS Scotland data breach risks 86 transgender clients

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

In a major data breach incident NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has erroneously revealed 86 email addresses of transgender clients who have attended gender identity service, some compromising full name and date of birth, putting them at risk. The data breach occurred on Monday afternoon, when the Sandyford clinic sent an email info flyer clearly addressing transgender clients attending gender ...

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Cathleen’s Coming Out Story

Cathleen Lauder of KaleidoScot shares her story of coming out: “My coming-out to my family happened within the past seven months. I decided to do so by writing them all a letter. It took number of weeks to compose that letter and last few weeks leading-up to sending them out, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I could barely think, ...

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Scottish QC comments on LGBTI Independence criticism

Joanna Cherry QC - Pic: Warren Media

Following criticism of the ‘Rainbow Paper’, launched by Yes Scotland earlier this week, Joanna Cherry QC, the Convener of Lawyers for Yes, shares her views. “No one can seriously question the commitment to LGBT rights of the Scottish Government which has introduced one of the most progressive Gay Marriage Acts in the world and whose First Minister flew the rainbow flag ...

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Full Equality for LGBTI says Scottish Independence group

Yes LGBT launch Rainbow Paper for an Independent Scotland

Scotland can be a fairer and more equal country under independence, argues the Yes campaign as they launched the ‘Rainbow Paper’ setting out a vision for LGBTI people. Described as “a unique opportunity to be a leading force for equality around the world”, equality campaigners have been setting out some of the reasons people should vote Yes on 18th September. ...

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Stand Up, Speak Out says LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Youth Scotland crowdfunding campaign

Shh! Silence Helps Homophobia – that’s the message of LGBT Youth Scotland in a new campaign aimed at schools, colleges and universities across the country. The group, Scotland’s largest youth and community organisation for LGBTI young people, is using crowdfunding to sponsor a campaign to to tackle homophobia in education. Launched at the first National Youth Summit on 23rd August ...

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Pride Glasgow Fund brings £6500 for the LGBTI community

Glasgow's Pride Fund tops £6,500 for the community

The organisers of Pride Glasgow have announced a fund worth £6,500 that will be invested back into the local community. Following the outstanding success of the 2014 Festival, the Pride Fund will open on 1st September for groups to apply for help with running “grassroots” activities. In a first for Pride Glasgow, which changed from a Limited Company to a ...

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The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part I

When you first meet Jo Clifford, the thing that impresses you most about her is the mellifluous, gentle, soulful and often mischievous voice. Once you get to know her, you find it is not how she speaks that electrifies you, but what she says. Her words are always deeply considered, impassioned and thought provoking – and regularly playful This is ...

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