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Scottish Greens pass cutting-edge LGBTI Policy

Scottish Greens

The annual conference of the Scottish Green Party (SGP) in the SECC, Glasgow, passed two major trailblazing policy motions on LGBTI+ rights and health. The convention passed the first policy unanimously and the second with an overwhelming majority. Written by Anna Crow, current co-convenor of the SGP’s LGBTI+ group, the Rainbow Greens, and by Dan Heap, one of the outgoing co-convenors, ...

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Germaine Greer: Transwomen are “not women”


  The BBC has reported today that prominent feminist academic and author Germaine Greer has said that transgender women are, “not women”. She has justified this statement by her opinion that transgender women do not, “look like, sound like or behave like women”. As a transwoman and feminist I reject her words utterly and deplore the potential harm with which ...

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Where is the Campaign for Transgender Equality?


  Here in Scotland, transgender people have a lot to be thankful for. Don’t we? This year has seen something that could revolutionise our view of trans-rights and equality. But if you blinked you might have missed it. It didn’t actually happen in this country after all. I greeted the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage and it’s amazing result with ...

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Justine’s Coming Out Story

Justine Smithies

From the very beginning of my life I knew there was something wrong, and coming out of that feeling, being true to myself was a long journey. This feeling there was something wrong I wasn’t sure of until around the age of eleven. I could never relate to people of the gender of which my body developed and I really hated myself. If ...

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World Medical Association votes new transgender guidelines

World Medical Association

The World Medical Association (WMA) has issued new guidelines for physicians to increase their knowledge, respect to, and sensitivity towards transgender people and the unique health issues they face. The WMA which represents well over ten million physicians worldwide has adopted guidelines these guidelines at a meeting in Moscow on Sunday. The delegates from nearly 60 national medical associations adopted ...

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European Parliament demands trans equality at the workplace

European Parliament

The European Parliament adopted a report urging the Commission and Member States to outlaw discrimination against transgender people in employment and work towards full integration of trans people at the work floor. The demands were made in a report, which was published late last week, evaluated the implementation of the Directive on equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and ...

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Hebridean trans author pleased to play role in changing attitudes

Julie Clarke

  A trans woman who has written a book about her life has spoken of how she has been able to use her experiences to change attitudes. Julie Clarke, who lives on the Isle of Coll and whose book – Becoming Julie – was published in 2014, was speaking to KaleidoScot ahead of the inaugural Icon Awards, in which she ...

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Global coalition: Facebook “real names” policy harms transgender people

Facebook "real names" policy harms transgender people

A global coalition has called upon Facebook to revise its “real names” policy as it harms and discriminates against particularly transgender people. In a letter, the coalition demands that “Facebook should get rid of its real names policy altogether, especially considering that it clearly violates European data protection laws. “In the meantime, we wanted to create demands that would support ...

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Scottish Lib Dems call for review of Gender Identity Clinic support


  Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Jim Hume MSP today called on the Health Secretary to review support provided for Gender Identity Clinics (GICs) after new figures revealed the average waiting time for a first appointment at two of Scotland’s GICs is more than a year. A report published this week by UK Trans Info included data on Scotland for ...

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Scot wins UK transgender pageant


  A young Scot emerged victorious in the final of the UK’s first transgender pageant. Jai Latto, 22, from Walkerburn in the Scottish borders, won the inaugural Miss Transgender UK title in an eventful final in London on Sunday. Jai, one of two Scottish finalists and the winner of the Scottish regional heat, was confirmed as the victor following over ...

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