Monday , 16 September 2019

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Coming Oot: The fabulous history of Gay Scotland


Narrated by actor Richard Wilson and featuring the voices and faces of those who lived in Scotland when male homosexual behaviour was illegal, last night’s BBC documentary The Fabulous History of Gay Scotland took us on a roller coaster of a journey from the 1950s to the present. In attempting to answer the question of why a nation that seemed ...

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Transgender Day of Remembrance: love in the face of hatred


  Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), the annual day to remember those who have been killed internationally as a direct result of transphobia. Founded sixteen years ago by transgender woman Gwendolyn Ann Smith to mark the transphobic murder of Rita Hester – a crime that remains unsolved to this day – TDoR has grown from a small ...

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Trans woman found dead after saying she would kill herself if sent to all male prison

Vicky Thompson

A 21-year-old transgender woman has been found dead in a male-only Leeds prison, after she reportedly told friends she would commit suicide if sent to the all-male jail. Vicky Thompson was serving a 12-month term at HMP Leeds after breaching a suspended sentence. According to the BBC, her solicitor, Mohammed Hussain had previously advised the judge she was “essentially a ...

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Germaine who? I really don’t give a damn


Trans Exclusionary, Radical (No, strike that), Reactionary Feminists do not frighten me, and I feel a creeping sense of that old ennui stealthily pulling me back into the past. Oh Dear! Here we go again! The oracle has has been consulted, she had declaimed and we are now enlightened. Thank you, Germaine. Will you please now shuffle back into the ...

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Muslim trans woman attacked by a Scottish man in Sheffield

Scots man assaults a Muslim trans woman

A Muslim trans woman was attacked in the centre of Sheffield by a Scottish man in broad day light, in full view of passers-by who passively looked on and offered her no support. A trans woman, in her early thirties and wearing a niqab (face veil) was assaulted while waiting for a bus in a station on Church Street right outside ...

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Scottish Trans Muslim woman attacked in broad daylight in public view


An assault on a Muslim Scottish trans woman, in broad day light with the public passively looking, highlights the need for support to LGBTI Muslims in Scotland, argues Tehmina Kazi. “Why are you taking my picture? “Why are you taking my picture?” A Scottish male with a khaki baseball cap and black jacket hisses at the camera, swinging a kick at ...

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Degendering and other made up words


Are Germaine Greer and Richard Dawkins being transphobic?  Johanna argues that their perspective is wrong because they both dehumanify gender and empty it of its subjectivity. Beyond calling transphobia “transphobia”, we have very few ways of describing what is specifically wrong with bigotism directed towards transgender people (or people perceived to be transgender). It’s a truism that trans-conversations take about six ...

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Trans woman prisoner Tara Hudson moved to female prison

Tara Hudson

A transgender woman who was sent to a men’s prison, where she suffered abuse, has been transferred to a female jail after a campaign to get her moved. Tara Hudson, 26, from Bath, was jailed for 12 weeks and placed at the all-male HMP Bristol after admitting assault. According to the BBC she is now being held in HM Prison ...

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MP’s discuss case of transwoman placed in male prison

Tara Hudson

Tara Hudson (26) was jailed for 12 weeks after being convicted of assault. However she was incarcerated in all male HMP Bristol Prison. Hudson was sent to prison on Friday last week after pleading guilty, at Bath Magistrates’ Court, to an assault by beating on 26 December last year. Her plight was raised by her MP, Simon Howlett at the ...

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