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Cathleen’s Coming Out Story

Cathleen Lauder of KaleidoScot shares her story of coming out: “My coming-out to my family happened within the past seven months. I decided to do so by writing them all a letter. It took number of weeks to compose that letter and last few weeks leading-up to sending them out, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I could barely think, ...

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The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part I

When you first meet Jo Clifford, the thing that impresses you most about her is the mellifluous, gentle, soulful and often mischievous voice. Once you get to know her, you find it is not how she speaks that electrifies you, but what she says. Her words are always deeply considered, impassioned and thought provoking – and regularly playful This is ...

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Kava Girls’ cardboard strut for trans issues


Samoan performers the Kava Girls are organising a parade through Edinburgh on Tuesday to draw attention to trans issues. As they plan to wear little more than cardboard boxes, they seem likely to stand out even in the busy Edinburgh Festival crowds. The ‘strut’ will start with a gathering at St Giles’ Cathedral at 9am and will proceed down to ...

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Affirmation Scotland – seeking to create a more inclusive church


The Rev Lindsay Biddle is a character more colourful than the rainbow flag. A  writer of hymns, blogs and novels, and a Presbyterian minister, Lindsay has experienced first-hand the humanity-diminishing effects of segregation while growing up in the Southern United States. Now ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) – which has recently declared its support for same-sex marriage – Lindsay ...

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Against the rules – LGBTI people in sport

Against the Rules Exhibition

It’s all in the name: Against the Rules traces the history of LGBTI participation in sport, both amateur and professional, against the backdrop not only of cultural unfriendliness towards LGBTI equality built often outright hostility. I visited the exhibition, currently showing at The Virginia Gallery, which considers the lives and careers of  LGBTI sportsmen and sportswomen, reflecting on their achievements ...

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Jamaica: rising to the challenge


Among those countries currently competing in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Jamaica has received some of the worst press in regard to its record on LGBT rights, but is this fair? We talked to Jamaican activist Latoya Nugent, who works with J-FLAG and is confident that things are getting better. “Jamaica has been characterised by the international media as the ...

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Giant queer-ass trans*-tastic picnic for Edinburgh


A giant queer-ass trans*-tastic picnic is to be held in The Meadows in Edinburgh on Saturday, with all welcome. The event, in its second year, is expected to attract quite a crowd, and although the forecast suggests a slim chance of rain the recent hot weather has organisers Cachin Cachán Cachunga in an optimistic mood. “We had so much fun ...

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Concern over privacy of unemployed trans people


A new ruling by the High Court in London has criticised the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for its handling of trans people’s personal information. The ruling means that the DWP will have to change its systems and develop a clear policy on the handling of trans claimants. Made in relation to the case of a 44 year old ...

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