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Transgender Day of Remembrance: love in the face of hatred


  Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), the annual day to remember those who have been killed internationally as a direct result of transphobia. Founded sixteen years ago by transgender woman Gwendolyn Ann Smith to mark the transphobic murder of Rita Hester – a crime that remains unsolved to this day – TDoR has grown from a small ...

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Degendering and other made up words


Are Germaine Greer and Richard Dawkins being transphobic?  Johanna argues that their perspective is wrong because they both dehumanify gender and empty it of its subjectivity. Beyond calling transphobia “transphobia”, we have very few ways of describing what is specifically wrong with bigotism directed towards transgender people (or people perceived to be transgender). It’s a truism that trans-conversations take about six ...

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Justine’s Coming Out Story

Justine Smithies

From the very beginning of my life I knew there was something wrong, and coming out of that feeling, being true to myself was a long journey. This feeling there was something wrong I wasn’t sure of until around the age of eleven. I could never relate to people of the gender of which my body developed and I really hated myself. If ...

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Scot wins UK transgender pageant


  A young Scot emerged victorious in the final of the UK’s first transgender pageant. Jai Latto, 22, from Walkerburn in the Scottish borders, won the inaugural Miss Transgender UK title in an eventful final in London on Sunday. Jai, one of two Scottish finalists and the winner of the Scottish regional heat, was confirmed as the victor following over ...

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Woman experiences transphobic abuse at Specsavers


  A woman has told how her partner was left “in tears” after being subjected to transphobic abuse by a member of staff at a Specsavers store in Livingston, reports the Metro. Pauline and her fiancée Jess, who has been living as a woman for almost a year, were attending the Livingston branch of Specsavers for a routine eye test ...

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Lib Dems vote to tackle anti-trans and intersex discrimination


  The Liberal Democrats have today voted to approve a policy motion supporting a number of measures aimed at tackling discrimination towards transgender and intersex people. The party’s conference, gathered at Bournemouth and meeting for the first time since the General Election, passed the motion which will now form the basis of both the Transgender and Intersex Health Charter and ...

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Four Scots in transgender pageant final

The competitors and judges from Sunday's Miss Transgender United heat in Glasgow

Sunday’s historic transgender pageant in Glasgow caught the attention of the mainstream media – and we now know the four contestants who will take part in the UK-wide final. The Miss Transgender United competition is hosting heats in various UK cities, with the final being held in London on 27th September. Miss Transgender United aims to show that trans people ...

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One in ten health professionals witness colleagues express belief in gay “cure”


Research released today from Stonewall Scotland – the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality charity – reveals that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people are facing unhealthy attitudes from health and social care professionals. The YouGov research conducted for Stonewall, which surveyed 3,001 health and social care workers across Britain, found that an astonishing 9 per cent of health ...

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Shock as trans activist found dead


A vocal LGBT activist, who was an outspoken advocate for transgender rights, has been found dead in her flat in Dundee. Danielle Robins, aged 21, was a computing student and the president of Abertay University’s LGBT Society. Her body was discovered by friends on Sunday after failing to contact her. Only last week Danielle had been making headlines after promoting ...

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Cisgender: When New Definitions Matter


Cisgender (also cisgendered): adjective. Denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex; not transgender. It’s not often an article opens with a definition ripped directly from the pages of The Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.), but this is an exception.  Why?  Because I realised that setting the context of this article ...

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