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Kirk approves ministers and deacons in same-sex marriages

Principal Clerk Rev John Chalmers (Photo: Church of Scotland)

The Church of Scotland‘s General Assembly has today voted to allow individual congregations to call ministers and deacons in same-sex marriages. The General Assembly voted last year to permit individual congregations to “depart” from the church’s official position, which upholds a traditional view of matrimony, and appoint ministers in civil partnerships. It also agreed to extend this to clergy in ...

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Church of Scotland same-sex marriage vote set for narrow victory

Church scotland logo 2

  A vote on the acceptance of ministers in same-sex marriages is set to win the support of a narrow majority of the Church of Scotland’s presbyteries. The Kirk’s 45 presbyteries have been voting on whether to allow individual congregations to appoint clergy in same-sex marriages and, with only two results to come in, 25 have voted for the Church’s ...

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Sex changing tree confuses scientists

Fortingall Church, Perthshire. The yew can be seen to the left of the picture.

The oldest tree in Britain appears to have changed its sex, confusing prominent scientists.   The Fortingall Yew, which is based in a Perthshire churchyard, is estimated to be between 3,000 and 5,000 years old and has long believed to be male.   Male yew trees release pollen while female trees produce bright red berries.   However, last month the ...

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Scottish church considers supporting same-sex marriage


The Scottish Episcopal Church is to vote next week on whether to set in motion a process for allowing its clergy to wed same-sex couples. Legislation allowing for same-sex marriage came into effect on 31st December 2014, but to date the traditional church denominations have not revisited their own definitions of marriage. Both the Church of Scotland and the Roman ...

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Kirk stalls on allowing ministers in same-sex marriages


The Church of Scotland has voted to allow the ordination of clergy in same-sex marriages – but only if its presbyteries agree. Representatives at the Kirk’s General Assembly in Edinburgh, who voted on Saturday to give congregations the opportunity to appoint gay clergy in civil partnerships, made a decision to only extend this to those in same-sex marriages if a ...

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Pope accepts O’Brien resignation

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the former leader of Scotland’s Catholics, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, from all clerical duties. This decision follows allegations of sexual impropriety made by four priests, who each claimed they had been subjetced to unwanted and inappropriate advances from O’Brien. The Vatican ordered O’Brien to spend some time in “prayer and penance” while a full ...

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Free Church attempts to woo anti-gay worshippers

The Free Church of Scotland said it would welcome worshippers who wish to leave with the Church of Scotland over its vote to allow congregations to appoint gay ministers. It further accused the Church of Scotland of “trampling over the Bible” over the vote and questioned “what exactly holds the Church of Scotland together?” A Free Church of Scotland spokesman ...

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New anti-gay Church of Scotland group formed


A new group opposed to gay ordination in the Church of Scotland has been formed on Thursday. The group, which is named Covenant Fellowship, is pressing for what it deems to be a more “Biblical”, traditionalist stance. This follows a majority of the Kirk’s presbyteries voting to support an “overture” granting greater acceptance of gay and lesbian ministers within the Church of ...

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Kirk votes to support gay clergy ordination


The Church of Scotland has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a proposal to allow local congregations to choose a minister who is gay and in a civil partnership. The Church’s 46 Scottish presbyteries have been consulted on the matter and have spent the last few months voting on the compromise position put forward by the General Assembly in May. 32 ...

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Are LGBTI people more likely to suffer from mental ill-health?

Do LGBTI people suffer more from mental health problems? Painting by Van Gogh

LGBTI people are more likely to experience “long-standing mental health problems” according to new research. The study, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, makes the claim not only that LGBTI people are more likely to have mental health problems, but that they also have worse experiences of healthcare services. The survey, undertaken by researchers from Cambridge University, found ...

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