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Review: 90’s nostalgia as Big Reunion Boyband hits Scotland

Blue will thrill crowds in Glasgow and Aberdeen this month

Imagine all your 90’s boyband idols in one venue, but you’re no longer a teenager and you’re old enough to drink! That wasn’t a dream for thousands of music fans as The Big Reunion Boyband Tour rolled into Glasgow and Aberdeen this week. The hit ITV show has brought back those popular acts of yester-year that we all remember, like ...

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Scotland’s drag scene is blossoming – Whats it all about?

Iconic drag movie "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"

A staple of the gay ‘scene’, the drag queen is often a polarising position of power – some of us adore them, others hate them, but one thing is certain; men dressing as glamorous women for our absolute entertainment has never been more popular in Scotland. Earlier this month one of our biggest tabloids ran a story about a high ...

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Meet Mr Bear Scots 2014

Peter Morley BS 2014 smaller

October is the month of clocks changing, darker nights, autumn leaves and BEARS! We reported earlier this month on the annual BearScotFest, held in Edinburgh, which attracts big burly boys and their admirers from all over the UK. Now recovered from his bear weekend, we speak with the newly crowned Mr Bear Scots 2014, Peter Morley, and find out what it ...

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Glasgow gay man cleared of attempted rape of woman

Livingston Court where Craig appeared today

A man has been cleared of trying to rape a 49-year-old woman after telling a Livingston court today that he was actually gay. A jury took less than an hour to return a majority verdict finding William Craig not guilty. During the trial in Livingston today, he asked the jury: “Why would I want to drag her into the bushes when ...

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Psychic Sally sacks husband in anti-gay shame

Sally sacks her husband and son-in-law

Shamed TV Psychic, Sally Morgan, today sacked her husband and son-in-law after they were embroiled in a homophobic row with a sceptic. As reported in KaleidoScot over the weekend, psychic doubter Mark Tilbrook was involved in an ‘altercation’ between Sally’s husband, John Morgan, and son-in-law Daren Wiltshear. In the clip, Mr Morgan warns: “One day you’re going to be lifted, and you’ll ...

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Stuart’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Stuart Duffy shares his Coming Out Story: “I gradually creaked open the closet door on my sexuality, letting some close friends know in my mid-20’s before I finally told my family when I was 32. I guess I was most scared about telling my Dad as we didn’t have the best relationship when I was young, but he was ...

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TV Psychic’s staff in anti-gay slur shame

Morgan says she was unaware of any altercation

A video apparently showing the husband of ‘Psychic’ Sally launching a tirade of homophobic abuse at a sceptic, has emerged online. The video, published on YouTube, appears to show John Morgan and another member of staff, abuse psychic doubter Mark Tilbrook outside one of the prominent psychic’s shows.  The clip shows Mr Tilbrook being told, “You’re asking to be knocked ...

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KaleidoScot’s writers tell their Coming Out Stories

KaleidoScot's writers tell their coming stories

Today is the National Coming Out Day (11 October every year) and is a chance for those of us who are LGBTI to support others to ‘come out’ and be who they are. So we figured that we, KaleidoScot’s writers and contributors, would share out stories with you.  We also hope that it would help people in less open communities ...

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MTV Music Awards tickets out now

'Starship' singer Nicki Minaj will host the Awards show

Scotland’s gay music fans have another reason to celebrate as tickets for the MTV Europe Music Awards were released at 12noon today.  As if One Direction, Kylie and Gaga weren’t enough this year, Scots are being treated to the biggest music party in the world next month. Open until Monday 13th October, a public ballot for seated tickets means fans will register and ...

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Scotland to resist Tory plans to scrap human rights act

EU and Saltire

The UK Conservative party plans to scrap the Human Rights Act, replacing it with a “British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”, however Scotland’s government and equality campaigners sharply criticised the move and said it would be resisted. Prime Minister, David Cameron, Home Secretary, Theresa May, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announced that if the Conservatives were to win next year’s general ...

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