Friday , 22 February 2019

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Stewart McDonald, Farage anti HIV poz policy is a wake up call

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP

Stewart McDonald, convener of the SNP’s LGBT group, Out for Independence, comments on Farage’s new scapegoating target, people who are HIV positive, and says this must serve as a wake-up call for left leaning politics. “‘KEEP HIV POSITIVE MIGRANTS OUT OF BRITAIN, SAYS FARAGE’. That is the headline that screeched across  The Guardian. Mr Farage made his remarks in an interview ...

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LGBTI SNP members write to leadership candidates

The SNP’s LGBTI membership wing, Out for Independence, have written to the three candidates for deputy leader of the party and Nicola Sturgeon, the sole candidate to succeed Alex Salmond as leader and First Minister of Scotland, seeking their views on a range of issues important to LGBTI people in Scotland. The letters, sent to all candidates, Angela Constance MSP, Keith ...

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Unionists launch homophobic attack on Glasgow gay councillor

Austin Sheridan attacked

Unionists just outside Glasgow City Chambers have launched a verbal homophobic attack on Austin Sheridan, out gay SNP Councillor for Baillieston at Glasgow City Council, on Friday evening. UPDATE: Police have now detained the homophobic attacker described below. Sheridan told KaleidoScot that has just left his work at the City Chambers when he was approached by two men who noticed ...

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Marco Biagi’s journey – becoming a proud and out MSP

Marco Biagi

In our last of exclusive pre-referendum video-interviews, we speak with out Scottish National Party MSP for Edinburgh Central, Marco Biagi. He talks about his journey, coming out in the West of Scotland and making it eventually to Holyrood, enabling himself not only to live freely as a gay man but also help the LGBTI community of Scotland. Biagi is one ...

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Souter’s donation irrelevant to the referendum debate

Brian Souter

As one of the strongest and most vocal critics of Brian Souter and his legacy of his anti-LGBTI campaigns towards keeping Section 28, I find the use of the issue during the Scottish referendum debate to be misleading and unconstructive. We’ve got to ask ourselves if Brain Souter’s donations has altered anything in the Scottish government’s previous commitment to legislate ...

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Will pro Union parties back Equality after 18th September?


Edinburgh-based Equality Network this week published responses from the main political leaders into questions on equality, asylum and human rights after the Referendum. We analyse what they said, and what they didn’t. Our second and last article out of two will examine pro-Union – Better Together/No party leaders responses, yesterday we analysed the responses of the pro-independence Yes party leaders. ...

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Thousands participate in Pride Glasgow parade

Pride Glasgow

GLASGOW, Scotland — Thousands of people marched in Pride Glasgow on Saturday, throughout the city, climaxing in a star-lined whopping street party. The parade, now in its 18th year, kicked-off at Clyde Place before making its way through the city to the main festival site in King Street. Pride related events run until 3 August alongside the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth ...

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