Sunday , 26 January 2020

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To mark World AIDS Day Scotland lit up red


This year more than 80 buildings and landmarks too part in the Light Up Scotland campaign and have turned their lights red across Scotland to mark World AIDS Day and remind the nation that HIV and AIDS have not gone away. It is estimated there are 4479 individuals in Scotland living with HIV, 3734 are attending for specialist care and ...

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Church of Scotland Moderator to support pro equality Stornoway congregation

Stornoway High Church

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland is to visit Stornoway and preach to the isles’ congregation who stayed with the church following the gay clergy row. The Right Reverend John Chalmers, Moderator of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, had previously tried to prevent a split in the congregation of Stornoway High, which was one of the Kirk’s biggest ...

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Voting for democracy in September

Scottish Secular Society

There’s a very good reason why we should vote Yes in September. It’s such a biggy I’m surprised nobody has thought of it…! We are voting to become a democracy. Yup! That’s right. Because we’re not one: We are a theocracy: A bit like Iran where important decisions are left in the hands of unelected clerics. In our case 26 ...

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Johann Lamont makes equality pledge to Scotland’s LGBTI community

Johann Lamont at Pride House

In an exclusive interview with KaleidoScot, Johann Lamont, leader of the Scottish Labour Party, answers six questions regarding LGBTI Equality in Scotland and beyond. She said that the Glasgow Kiss during the Commonwealth Games was a culmination of a hard and long battle for LGBTI rights that she is committed to continue. During the interview, that was held at Pride ...

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