Friday , 21 January 2022

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Belief Matters … Or Not? The Limits to Free Speech?

Pastor Angus Buchan

Free speech is an essential ingredient of any democratic society. For freedom of expression to mean anything, it must include the right to offend others. You have the right to attack my religious beliefs, political beliefs, lifestyle, sexuality and so on. You even have the right to use intemperate language, should you so wish. I have the same right to ...

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Faith and Doubt: two sides of the same coin


  I’m in church. Mass will shortly be starting. I am praying, reciting the familiar words, thanking God for my life and explaining my problems. But something isn’t right. I feel I am praying to nothing, I feel an emptiness. Perhaps I have had a row with my husband or am angry at the latest homophobic outburst from some influential ...

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Reflections on Lent


  Lent has its roots in the account of Christ spending 40 days in the desert fasting, praying and resisting the devil’s temptations (Luke 4:1-13). He also appeared before his disciples for 40 days after his crucifixion before being raised to heaven (Acts 1:1-10). In 325 AD the Council of Nicea decided how the date of Easter should be worked ...

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