Tuesday , 5 July 2022

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Manifesto Watch: Where does Scottish Labour stand on LGBTI issues?


Like most other parties competing in the Scottish parliament elections, the Scottish Labour Party is keen to highlight its support for LGBTI equality. Its leader, Kezia Dugdale, recently came out and earlier this week told Pink News she is “quite clearly gay” (also reported in yesterday’s Herald).  Labour’s manifesto has a specific section on LGBTI rights, rather than integrating them ...

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British press spin islamophobia after attack on trans women in Germany

Elisa and Jasmin image from N24

On the 18th of January, LGB, and transgender social media in particular, ignited with outrage as an assault on two transwomen in Dortmund, Germany, was reported by some online gay news websites and tabloid papers in a manner that assumed and highlighted that the perpetrators were Arab/Muslim refugees. The result of such reporting has been outrage and uproar on social ...

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Glasgow Prides’ Drag War

Glasgow Pride War

A war of words has broken out in Glasgow, after a Pride event announced it is considering banning drag performers on the basis that they may offend some members of the trans community. Free Pride Glasgow, whose primary aim is to challenge what is sees as a growing commercialisation of Pride, is planning to host a free of charge alternative ...

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Today is Bi Visibility Day

Bi Visibiliy Day

September 23rd is Bi Visibility Day! Since 1999, Bi Visibility Day has been celebrating bisexuality, giving opportunities for bisexual people to meet up, addressing issues surrounding biphobia and generally helping the bisexual community to be more visible. Bi Visbility Day is being commemorated in at least 19 countries across the world. In the UK, large employers such as the Co-operative ...

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