Tuesday , 5 July 2022

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WHO set to declassify trans identity as mental disorder…but is it enough?


  It has recently been announced that the World Health Organisation is proposing – finally – to remove transgender identity and gender dysphoria from its list of mental health disorders. The list, known as the ICD-10, describes gender dysphoria as “the urge to belong to the opposite sex that may include surgical procedures to modify the sex organs in order to ...

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Why the gender binary idol is unworthy of worship


  One of the main positives to emerge from the Scottish parliamentary election campaign so far has been a broad consensus from the main parties on issues of LGBT+ equality. This was highlighted last week at an LGBTI hustings in Edinburgh, hosted by Stonewall Scotland, the Equality Network and the Scottish Transgender Alliance. In some respects this was inevitable and ...

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Implications of the Transgender Equality Inquiry to non-binary people

Transgender Inquiry

Yesterday the Women and Equalities Committee published the findings from its inquiry into Transgender Equality. The report covers a huge number of topics, unsurprisingly given the enormous scope of the inquiry to begin with. For the most part, the Committee seems to have taken on board the evidence submitted to them to make a number of recommendations that could really ...

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Scottish Green leadership positions should not reduce gender to two boxes


The Scottish Green Party has two co-conveners of different genders. I am currently one of these, and am running for re-election. This attempt to balance is based on an important principle. We don’t accept that the work of winning gender equality is won, and so we actively seek to rectify that in our structures. There is, though, a problem. The ...

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Ministers questioned on trans and non-binary action

Morgan 800

    Government Ministers faced a number of questions this week during the final session of the transgender equality inquiry. Members of the women and equalities committee asked several ministers, including Nicky Morgan and Caroline Dinenage, about a number of transgender-related issues and the case of Tara Hudson. The ministers were also challenged on the UK government’s claim that non-binary ...

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Scottish Lib Dems call for review of Gender Identity Clinic support


  Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Jim Hume MSP today called on the Health Secretary to review support provided for Gender Identity Clinics (GICs) after new figures revealed the average waiting time for a first appointment at two of Scotland’s GICs is more than a year. A report published this week by UK Trans Info included data on Scotland for ...

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Charity launches survey on experiences of non-binary people


A Scottish charity has launched a survey to find out more about non-binary people’s experiences of using services, their views on legal gender recognition, and their experiences in employment. The Scottish Transgender Alliance (STA) –  which works to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion within Scotland – has decided to consult with non-binary people as part ...

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Glasgow Prides’ Drag War

Glasgow Pride War

A war of words has broken out in Glasgow, after a Pride event announced it is considering banning drag performers on the basis that they may offend some members of the trans community. Free Pride Glasgow, whose primary aim is to challenge what is sees as a growing commercialisation of Pride, is planning to host a free of charge alternative ...

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Cisgender: When New Definitions Matter


Cisgender (also cisgendered): adjective. Denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex; not transgender. It’s not often an article opens with a definition ripped directly from the pages of The Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.), but this is an exception.  Why?  Because I realised that setting the context of this article ...

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