Monday , 21 October 2019

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Potential cure: HIV eliminated from infected cells

HIV-1 budding (in green) from cultured lymphocyte

Scientists have successfully eliminated the HIV genome from human cells, a breakthrough that could potentially pave the way for a cure for HIV/AIDS. A research team from the NeuroAIDS Center at Lewis Katz School of Medicine – Temple University, Philadelphia, used a new DNA editing technique to remove the HIV genome from CD4+T infected cells. Using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technique, the scientists ...

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Sex changing tree confuses scientists

Fortingall Church, Perthshire. The yew can be seen to the left of the picture.

The oldest tree in Britain appears to have changed its sex, confusing prominent scientists.   The Fortingall Yew, which is based in a Perthshire churchyard, is estimated to be between 3,000 and 5,000 years old and has long believed to be male.   Male yew trees release pollen while female trees produce bright red berries.   However, last month the ...

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Flee the City – Nikolai Tolstyh

Nikolai Tolstyh

We catch up with Nikolai Tolstyh who is a Russian artist and craftsman who is re-defining the art of the stencil. Nikolai uses photography to capture detailed paper silhouettes within nature. His work often depicts animals in their natural environments. I spoke to Nikolai about his work and influences.   KaleidoScot: What inspires your work? I am always looking for inspiration in nature. The colours, ...

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Making Music of Nature – Bartholomaus Traubeck

Bartholomaus Traubeck

Bartholomaus Traubeck is a German artist born in 1987. He explores patterns within nature and creates inspiring installations. In this interview, Bartholomaus talks all about his beautiful artwork – specifically the musical piece, Years. Can you describe your work, what interests you creatively? I look into the inner workings of things, be it media, music or natural phenomena. Trying to understand ...

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