Tuesday , 17 May 2022

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Terrorism: Don’t Be Scared, Go Outside

Love and and life is the best answer to terrorism

I think when terrorism and other terrible tragedies happen, fear takes hold of people. In recent history we have seen an attempted coup staged in Turkey. In France an armed man drove a truck through a crowd, killing 84 people. There have been numerous mass shootings in America, including the Orlando attack which cost the lives of 49 LGBTI people. ...

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Reflections on Lent


  Lent has its roots in the account of Christ spending 40 days in the desert fasting, praying and resisting the devil’s temptations (Luke 4:1-13). He also appeared before his disciples for 40 days after his crucifixion before being raised to heaven (Acts 1:1-10). In 325 AD the Council of Nicea decided how the date of Easter should be worked ...

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Activists dismayed over alleged gay thief winning against UAE extradition

Downtown Dubai by Emaar Properties

A gay former shoe shop manager, alleged to have committed theft, has won his fight against extradition to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) amid fears he would be “unfairly” trialed and face “torture” because of his sexuality. Michael Halliday, 32, was working as the manager of footwear retailer Level Shoe District in the posh Dubai Mall in the UAE when he ...

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LGBTI Middle East activists accuse Cameron of hypocrisy

Not In Our Name

Middle Eastern activists as well as Scottish politicians condemned statements by Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Hilary Benn that said the killing of LGBTI people by Da’esh/ISIL is a reason why air strikes are necessary. In their speeches in the House of Commons yesterday, Cameron said that air-strikes against Da’esh/ISIL are justified because they are “throwing gay people off buildings”. ...

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