Tuesday , 18 January 2022

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WHO set to declassify trans identity as mental disorder…but is it enough?


  It has recently been announced that the World Health Organisation is proposing – finally – to remove transgender identity and gender dysphoria from its list of mental health disorders. The list, known as the ICD-10, describes gender dysphoria as “the urge to belong to the opposite sex that may include surgical procedures to modify the sex organs in order to ...

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Manifesto watch: Where do the Scottish Lib Dems stand on LGBTI issues?

Willie Rennie

The Scottish Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto, Be The Best Again, last week. The party’s flagship policies, including the proposals for a “penny for education” and “putting democracy back into policing”, have sparked some online discussion in recent days. The manifesto was launched at an Edinburgh soft play centre, perhaps to emphasise the party’s ambitions to “revolutionise” education and nursery ...

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Shatter the stigma on World Health Day

World Health Day

  On World Health Day, two of Europe’s most influential organisations have issued a joint statement arguing for more to be done to support the mental health of LGBTI people. Several studies have confirmed that LGBTI people are disproportionately affected by mental ill health, and that young LGBTI people are at significantly higher risk of suicide than the general pupulation. ...

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Germaine who? I really don’t give a damn


Trans Exclusionary, Radical (No, strike that), Reactionary Feminists do not frighten me, and I feel a creeping sense of that old ennui stealthily pulling me back into the past. Oh Dear! Here we go again! The oracle has has been consulted, she had declaimed and we are now enlightened. Thank you, Germaine. Will you please now shuffle back into the ...

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Coming out…again


  It’s October 11th…it’s National Coming Out Day. I hardly think it’s accidental that Coming Out Day falls on the day immediately following World Mental Health Day. Given that LGBTI people are disproportionately likely to experience mental ill health, improving awareness and making it easier for people to come out are surely obvious methods of rasing standards of mental wellbeing. ...

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Labour prioritise suicide prevention in LGBT manifesto

The Labour Party has committed titself to improving access to mental health services for young LGBT people, and tackling the disproportionately high suicide rate among the LGBT community. The party has pointed to statistics confirming that almost a quarter of young lesbian, gay and bisexual people – and half of young trans people – have attempted suicide. Labour has pledged ...

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Are LGBTI people more likely to suffer from mental ill-health?

Do LGBTI people suffer more from mental health problems? Painting by Van Gogh

LGBTI people are more likely to experience “long-standing mental health problems” according to new research. The study, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, makes the claim not only that LGBTI people are more likely to have mental health problems, but that they also have worse experiences of healthcare services. The survey, undertaken by researchers from Cambridge University, found ...

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Does sports education contribute to homophobia?

Homophobia in sports education

A new Australian research revealed that four out of five school students have experienced casual homophobia in Physical Education (PE) lessons while a quarter have been physically abused by classmates during school sporting activities directly contributing to depression and anxiety among victims. The research findings of the study by Melbourne’s Victoria University, in conjunction with Australian mental health charity Beyondblue ...

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Beyond Binaries opens new dialogue on identity


Tomorrow evening, St John’s Episcopal Church in Edinburgh will be the site of a panel discussion on the nature of sexual and gender identities. Beyond Binaries: LGBT Voices and the Freedom to Self Identify is part of the Just Festival and is focusing on questions around society’s tendency to categorise everything in binary groups: mean and women, gay and straight, ...

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