Tuesday , 15 October 2019

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Lib Dem leader urges change after trans woman sent to male prison


  The Liberal Democrats’ leader has claimed that the Ministry of Justice should be “dragged kicking into the 21st century” after trans woman Tara Hudson was sentenced to serve 12 weeks in an all-male prison.   Tim Farron, who is the only political leader at Westminster to have commented publicly on the case, said that the current policy in England ...

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Scottish Greens pass cutting-edge LGBTI Policy

Scottish Greens

The annual conference of the Scottish Green Party (SGP) in the SECC, Glasgow, passed two major trailblazing policy motions on LGBTI+ rights and health. The convention passed the first policy unanimously and the second with an overwhelming majority. Written by Anna Crow, current co-convenor of the SGP’s LGBTI+ group, the Rainbow Greens, and by Dan Heap, one of the outgoing co-convenors, ...

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Scotland must end homophobia in schools say campaigners

TIE Campaign

Campaigners demand Holyrood take action to an end to school homophobia, bullying, sexism and bigotry which has become a “national disgrace.” The TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) campaign will ask the key Public Petitions Committee of Holyrood to ensure that Scotland’s schools foster a nurturing and inclusive environment which would eradicate hate and prejudice directed at LGBTI+ youth. The campaign ...

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Intersex Awareness Day – the right to be yourself and not be mutilated

Intersex flag

Today’s Intersex Awareness Day highlights the right of intersex people not to have their bodies mutilated and to underscore the fact that they exist and need to be accepted and respected. An intersex person is born with some of their biological sex characteristics varying from what is typically considered clearly male or female. Intersex people represent a significant percentage of the ...

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Alan Cumming: Scots “disrespected” by Westminster


  Actor Alan Cumming has claimed Scottish people have been “disrespected and s*** upon” by Westminster in the months following the independence referendum, reports The Sunday Herald. The Cabaret and Good Wife star, and advocate for LGBTI rights, made the comments on Saturday following a ceremony in Edinburgh in which he received an honorary doctorate from the Open University. In ...

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Aberdeen man shares bloodied Facebook picture after homophobic attack

Alexander Lees

A man from Aberdeen courageously shared his experience of a homophobic attack after having been brutally assaulted for being gay. Former Cults Academy student Alexander Lees posted two pictures on his Facebook profile along with a status recounting the homophobic attack, which has now gone viral. Alexander was violently attacked by two guys in Aberdeen’s Nox nightclub, just after midnight, suffering a ...

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Anti austerity LGBTI group formed in Glasgow


Activists and allies involved in Scotland’s LGBTI+ community have formed an anti-austerity collective to raise awareness of the impact of the government’s policies on its members. FIST (Fight Injustice Stand Together) was formed in response to the impact of austerity on the LGBTI+ community and on wider society, and the dismantling of the welfare state. The group is holding a public ...

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TIE: John Naples Campbell Discusses LGBTI+ Education

John Naples-Campbell

  It has been fifteen years since the repeal of Section 28 in our Scottish schools, and across the country students are still facing homophobic and transphobic bullying in their learning communities. Time for Inclusive Education (TIE), a campaign created by Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson, heads into the Scottish Parliament later this month to give evidence and to discuss their ...

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Global coalition: Facebook “real names” policy harms transgender people

Facebook "real names" policy harms transgender people

A global coalition has called upon Facebook to revise its “real names” policy as it harms and discriminates against particularly transgender people. In a letter, the coalition demands that “Facebook should get rid of its real names policy altogether, especially considering that it clearly violates European data protection laws. “In the meantime, we wanted to create demands that would support ...

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Vatican sacks priest who came out as gay and plead for LGBTI acceptance

Krzysztof Charamsa

The Vatican fired today a monsignor who came out as gay and demanded more acceptance and change regarding LGBTI issues from the Catholic Church. The polish priest working at the Congregration for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has come out and and issued a manifesto demanding changes to Church teaching, which he said are anti-LGBTI and discriminatory. The priest, ...

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