Tuesday , 15 October 2019

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Scottish Greens launch a comprehensive LGBTI manifesto

Scottish Greens

Rainbow Greens, the Scottish Green Party’s LGBTI group, launched a comprehensive ‘mini-manifesto’ aimed to tackle LGBTI equality, education, heath, inclusion and combat discrimination and prejudice. The manifesto, published on Monday, broadly covers a wide range of issues; LGBTI healthcare, inclusive education, transgender and intersex rights, tackling austerity, tackling hate crime and discrimination, asylum and international LGBTI rights, as well as ...

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European Parliament demands protection for LGBTI refugees

European Parliament

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted a report on the situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU, paying particular attention to the situation of LGBTI asylum seekers. The report is a response to the near invisibility of female refugees and their concerns in the wake of the steep increase of asylum seekers arriving in Europe. A significant proportion ...

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European Parliament urges member states to speak out on LGBTI rights

European Parliament

In a resolution adopted yesterday, the European Parliament has urged its member states to speak up for LGBTI rights and equality internationally. In what is effectively a recommendation from the Parliament to EU Member States to speak out for LGBTI people at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the resolution expressed its concern in relation to “discriminatory laws and practices and ...

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Global business at Davos told to challenge LGBTI discrimination

World Economic Forum Davos

Leaders of the world’s top institutions, corporations and businesses, who are meeting in the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, were urged to challenge discrimination against LGBTI people. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden urged executives in Davos to use their influence to drive change in countries where LGBTI people face repression. This is the first time that LGBTI rights are ...

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Activists dismayed over alleged gay thief winning against UAE extradition

Downtown Dubai by Emaar Properties

A gay former shoe shop manager, alleged to have committed theft, has won his fight against extradition to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) amid fears he would be “unfairly” trialed and face “torture” because of his sexuality. Michael Halliday, 32, was working as the manager of footwear retailer Level Shoe District in the posh Dubai Mall in the UAE when he ...

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SNP politicians: Malawi, drop charges against men arrested tortured for gay sex

Flag of Malawi

SNP MPs and MSPs called for the UK to do all it can to have Malawi drop charges against two men who were arrested and assaulted for allegedly having gay sex. Cuthbert Kulemela, 19, and Kelvin Gonani, 39, were arrested on 7 of December for allegedly having sex at Gonani’s home. They were charged and detained, despite a 2012 decision by Malawi officials ...

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New report says LGBTI people still face discrimination in EU

EU report

The European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency released a report highlighting that LGBTI people in the EU still face fundamental discrimination and lack of protection. The report that was released on Monday, entitled “Protection against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics in the European Union: Comparative legal analysis” presents legal evolutions in fields affecting LGBTI people ...

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List of Actions to advance Europe-wide LGBTI Equality


  Yesterday, Commissioner for Justice and Gender Equality Věra Jourová presented a List of Actions by the Commission to advance LGBTI Equality in the EPSCO Council, where the EU Ministers responsible for employment and social policy meet. The list is to be seen as a follow-up to the  “Lunacek Report“, adopted in February 2014 as a “Roadmap” for tackling homophobia. ...

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Scotland over the rainbow or the “enlightened” myth?

Pink Saltire

Scotland’s culture is so overwhelmingly positive towards LGBTI rights, and “enlightened” to the point that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are increasingly attracted to living here. So suggests report in the The National, published on Friday, which claims that findings show that over 30 percent of those identifying as LGB have come to Scotland from elsewhere. The report draws on ...

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LGBTI Rights to be on Commonwealth Agenda in 2018


Baroness Patricia Scotland, the next Secretary General of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), hopes to ensure LGBTI rights are firmly on the agenda in 2018. She stated that she intends to talk to member governments soon, with a view to reaching a consensus, but acknowledged she cannot force Commonwealth governments to discuss decriminalisation, saying: “we do not have ...

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