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TIE: John Naples Campbell Discusses LGBTI+ Education

John Naples-Campbell

  It has been fifteen years since the repeal of Section 28 in our Scottish schools, and across the country students are still facing homophobic and transphobic bullying in their learning communities. Time for Inclusive Education (TIE), a campaign created by Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson, heads into the Scottish Parliament later this month to give evidence and to discuss their ...

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Scottish Government launch biased consultation on civil partnership

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government have today published their consultation on the future of civil partnership, outlining three options but stating they are not in favour of full equality. Equality and human rights campaigners have expressed their surprise and disappointment with the government’s bias against full equality in its consultation. The Scottish government outlined three options: 1) civil partnership would remain available for ...

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Glasgow rail stations go rainbow to welcome Pride

Glasgow Queen Street

Ahead of Pride Glasgow, the city’s two main rail stations, Glasgow Central and Queen Street, are welcoming visitors with rainbow banners and flags. Rainbow banners and flags are on display at some of our busiest stations this week, including Glasgow Queen Street and Glasgow Central, to show that the rail industry is committed to being inclusive and welcomes individuality. The ...

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Church gay clergy vote “not equality”


In the last couple of days a great deal has been made of the Church of Scotland’s decision to allow people in civil partnerships to serve as deacons and ministers. This follows the appointment of the Rev Scott Rennie to Queens Cross Church in Aberdeen six years ago, and the recent vote of the Church’s 45 presbyteries to approve the ...

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UK research show anti-lesbian and gay job-seeker discrimination


A survey published today suggests that discrimination against lesbian and gay job seekers is commonplace across the United Kingdom. Dr Nick Drydakis of Anglia Ruskin University carried out a research that included 144 first-time job seekers students from 12 randomly selected Universities across the UK making 11,098 applications to 5549 firms. Results indicated that gay and lesbian applicants were 5 ...

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George Valiotis – HIV Scotland: What Do We Do

George Valiotis

In an exclusive video-interview KaleidoScot’s, Andrew Page, interviews George Valiotis, who explains his ogranisation’s role regarding policies, research and also highlights issues pertinent to World Aids Day 2014, and in particular to Scotland. The campaigner explains how research and grassroots needs guide HIV Scotland’s understanding of issues relating to HIV in Scotland, and in turn shapes the charity’s work on ...

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Kezia Dugdale: “fairness is at the heart of our policies”


The candidates for leader and deputy leader of Scottish Labour have agreed to speak to KaleidoScot, answering questions in respect to what they aim to do to support LGBTI rights and further equality in Scotland. In our second interview, Kezia Dugdale MSP, who is vying for the deputy leadership with Katy Clark MP, explains exclusively to KaleidoScot how she hopes to ...

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The Smith Commission: Implications for LGBTI equality in education


The Smith Commission published it’s long-awaited report today into the devolution of further responsibilities to the Scottish Parliament. The Humanist Society Scotland issued an official response in which we broadly welcomed further devolution, and the proposed measures to make the Scottish Parliament a permanent feature of the UK constitutional settlement. As a campaigning organisation with equality at the heart of ...

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Smith Commission: Equality not devolved to Scotland


The Smith Commission report launched on Wednesday has not recommended full devolution of equality legislation to the Scottish Parliament, reserving the Equality Act 2010 to Westminster. According to the Smith Commission Report, Section 60, “The Equality Act 2010 will remain reserved. The powers of the Scottish Parliament will include, but not be limited to, the introduction of gender quotas in respect ...

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LGBTI equality in education – setting the record straight!

On Monday 3 November, the Humanist Society Scotland launched a campaign to reform the way RSHPE (Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education) is taught in schools. The guidance, which was last reviewed after the repeal of Section 2A, was now – in the wake of the introduction of marriage equality – to be again reviewed. We welcomed the opportunity to ...

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