Friday , 27 May 2022

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Faiths Unite in Peace

Shabbat Candles & Challah

This weekend there will be gatherings of people from different Faith groups, with their Leaders, to worship, eat, talk, discuss, work and walk together. It is a weekend co-organised by Edinburgh InterFaith Association, the Prince Al Waleed Centre of for Islamic Studies in the Modern World at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community (‘Sukkat Shalom’, which means ‘Shelter of ...

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Belief Matters … or Not? Passover: A Festival of Liberation

Passover by Eczebulun

It may be that, in some places in the world, there has been liberation and there is freedom. This year, I ask myself, “Exactly how may we understand the concepts of Liberation and Freedom in the context of the frantic flight of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees from their homeland because of the war raging in their land, destroying ...

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Belief Matters ………… or Not?


Belief Matters …. or Not? Here at KaleidoScot, we’ve decided we would try out a new idea – to look at different Belief systems, Faiths, Traditions and Customs. Alongside this, we may look at different forms of Spirituality and ways in which people connect with their inner souls or spirits. Some of the questions we could try to address are ...

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Sukkat Shalom at Pride Edinburgh 2015

Sukkat Shalom at Pride Edinburgh By Lobo Chan

Despite a weather forecast of cloud and showery rain, Saturday 20th June brought a good day for this year’s Pride Edinburgh March! Hundreds of people from the LGBTI community, along with their friends and supporters, gathered outside the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. There were banners of all kinds, shapes and sizes: community banners, LGBT Health & Wellbeing banners and flags, ...

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Shining Out Proudly in Chanukkah

Hanukkah candles lit in a gay Scottish home

Chanukkah has always had a special gay resonance for me, as a gay Jew and rabbi. It’s about lighting candles, to celebrate the ancient Jews winning their freedom from an oppressive empire that attempted to enforce religious and cultural uniformity. We start with one candle (plus a “servant” candle that lights the others) on the first night, and add one ...

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