Tuesday , 5 July 2022

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Transat accused of refusing to let transgender woman board plane

Air Transat

Canadian airline Air Transat has been accused of refusing to let a transgender woman board her flight from Glasgow to Toronto, Canada. Ari Bianca Silvera, who has dual Italian and Argentinian citizenship and who lives in Scotland, was planning to travel to Toronto with her partner to attend a friend’s wedding. Silvera alleges she was refused to board the flight, despite ...

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SNP equality commitments draw mixed responses from campaigners

Nicola Sturgeon

  Campaigners have reacted to the Scottish National Party’s newly announced series of commitments on LGBTI equality, with some expressing support while others have criticised the proposals for not going far enough. The party has this week unveiled a series of reforms – including reviewing gender recognition laws, training police on hate crime investigation, introducing “refreshed, age-appropriate strategies and resources” ...

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Scottish party leaders to take part in LGBTI Question Time


Scotland’s five main political party leaders will take part in an LGBTI Election Question Time event this evening in Edinburgh.   The event will be hosted by Scottish LGBTI organisations Stonewall Scotland, The Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland and The Scottish Transgender Alliance.     The hustings will be chaired by Louise White, BBC Scotland presenter, and will include the party ...

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Trans woman found dead after saying she would kill herself if sent to all male prison

Vicky Thompson

A 21-year-old transgender woman has been found dead in a male-only Leeds prison, after she reportedly told friends she would commit suicide if sent to the all-male jail. Vicky Thompson was serving a 12-month term at HMP Leeds after breaching a suspended sentence. According to the BBC, her solicitor, Mohammed Hussain had previously advised the judge she was “essentially a ...

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Trans woman prisoner Tara Hudson moved to female prison

Tara Hudson

A transgender woman who was sent to a men’s prison, where she suffered abuse, has been transferred to a female jail after a campaign to get her moved. Tara Hudson, 26, from Bath, was jailed for 12 weeks and placed at the all-male HMP Bristol after admitting assault. According to the BBC she is now being held in HM Prison ...

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Ministers questioned on trans and non-binary action

Morgan 800

    Government Ministers faced a number of questions this week during the final session of the transgender equality inquiry. Members of the women and equalities committee asked several ministers, including Nicky Morgan and Caroline Dinenage, about a number of transgender-related issues and the case of Tara Hudson. The ministers were also challenged on the UK government’s claim that non-binary ...

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UK government blocks pension to elderly trans woman as law sees her as male

Department for Work and Pensions

A 63-year-old transgender woman from Glasgow has been denied her pension because the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) views her as male. Retired soldier, Sandra MacDougall, begun receiving her pension last November, after passing the female pension age of 63.  The UK allows women to retire earlier than men. However, the Daily Record reported that MacDougall has now been ...

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Lib Dem leader urges change after trans woman sent to male prison


  The Liberal Democrats’ leader has claimed that the Ministry of Justice should be “dragged kicking into the 21st century” after trans woman Tara Hudson was sentenced to serve 12 weeks in an all-male prison.   Tim Farron, who is the only political leader at Westminster to have commented publicly on the case, said that the current policy in England ...

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MP’s discuss case of transwoman placed in male prison

Tara Hudson

Tara Hudson (26) was jailed for 12 weeks after being convicted of assault. However she was incarcerated in all male HMP Bristol Prison. Hudson was sent to prison on Friday last week after pleading guilty, at Bath Magistrates’ Court, to an assault by beating on 26 December last year. Her plight was raised by her MP, Simon Howlett at the ...

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World Medical Association votes new transgender guidelines

World Medical Association

The World Medical Association (WMA) has issued new guidelines for physicians to increase their knowledge, respect to, and sensitivity towards transgender people and the unique health issues they face. The WMA which represents well over ten million physicians worldwide has adopted guidelines these guidelines at a meeting in Moscow on Sunday. The delegates from nearly 60 national medical associations adopted ...

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