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A nomenclature of life

Intersex flag

A NOMENCLATURA OF LIFE or how we learn about ourselves from the names we are given by others “All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name”. Andre Breton Words fascinate me. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Language fascinates me, which isn’t quite the same thing. I was born in Oxford, that city of Dreaming Spires ...

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The importance of Intersex Awareness Day

Intersex flag

Today is Intersex Awareness Day, an occasion that is important to inform the public about the issues facing intersex people. Intersex is a term applied to human beings whose biological sex cannot be classified as clearly male or female. An intersex person may have the biological attributes of both sexes or lack some of the biological attributes considered necessary to be ...

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Scottish QC comments on LGBTI Independence criticism

Joanna Cherry QC - Pic: Warren Media

Following criticism of the ‘Rainbow Paper’, launched by Yes Scotland earlier this week, Joanna Cherry QC, the Convener of Lawyers for Yes, shares her views. “No one can seriously question the commitment to LGBT rights of the Scottish Government which has introduced one of the most progressive Gay Marriage Acts in the world and whose First Minister flew the rainbow flag ...

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Full Equality for LGBTI says Scottish Independence group

Yes LGBT launch Rainbow Paper for an Independent Scotland

Scotland can be a fairer and more equal country under independence, argues the Yes campaign as they launched the ‘Rainbow Paper’ setting out a vision for LGBTI people. Described as “a unique opportunity to be a leading force for equality around the world”, equality campaigners have been setting out some of the reasons people should vote Yes on 18th September. ...

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Affirmation Scotland – seeking to create a more inclusive church


The Rev Lindsay Biddle is a character more colourful than the rainbow flag. A  writer of hymns, blogs and novels, and a Presbyterian minister, Lindsay has experienced first-hand the humanity-diminishing effects of segregation while growing up in the Southern United States. Now ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) – which has recently declared its support for same-sex marriage – Lindsay ...

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‘Gender test’ athlete cannot compete


Indian athlete Dutee Chand has been told by her national athletics body that she cannot compete in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games because a ‘gender test’ suggests she has high androgen levels, meaning she may be intersex. The 18 year old sprinter, whose older sister is also a successful athlete, had been looking forward to competing in the 200m race when ...

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Sporting bodies: accounting for the intersex


The announcement last week that an Indian sprinter, Dutee Chand, has been forbidden from competing in Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games because she has high testosterone levels has highlighted a problem that sport can’t see to shake. Although our whole society is built around a binary division of sexes, it’s in sport that it really comes to the fore – and so ...

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