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West Lothian LGBTI teen group subjected to homophobia

Boghall Parish Church - google maps image

A group of LGBTI teens were subjected to homophobia, Police Scotland detained and charged four teenagers with hate crime. According to The Herald, the teens were attending a support group at Boghall Parish Church in Bathgate, West Lothian on Thursday last week. According to Police Scotland a number of teenagers started subjecting the group to homophobic abuse when they attended ...

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Angela Eagle victim of brick and homophobic attacks

Angela Eagle

Angela Eagle has had a brick thrown through the window of her constituency office, as well as receiving abusive phone calls and homophobic slurs on social media. Staff at Eagle’s constituency office in Wallasey, Merseyside are said to have been left “shaken” and called the police after the incident. A message was also left on her House of Commons office answer ...

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Interview with Rhys Smith victim of homophobic attack in Edinburgh

Rhys Smith

KaleidoScot, interviews 23 year old Rhys Smith, from Livingston, who explains what happened that night when he was apparently aggressed by a man hurling at him and his friend homophobic abuse. Rhys talks about how this has been to some degree misreported by some of the media saying it made him, initially, scared to come forward and report the incident. ...

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Gay man suffers homophobic abuse after Pride Edinburgh

Bus passenger hurls homophobic abuse at Rhys Smith

A gay man has posted a video recording a man hurling homophobic abuse at him and a friend on a bus as they returned from Pride Edinburgh. Speaking with KaleidoScot, Rhys Smith, from Livingston, said the man started the verbal attack about a minute before he started recording the incident. Smith and his friend Kerri-Jayne were returning into town having been ...

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Aberdeen man shares bloodied Facebook picture after homophobic attack

Alexander Lees

A man from Aberdeen courageously shared his experience of a homophobic attack after having been brutally assaulted for being gay. Former Cults Academy student Alexander Lees posted two pictures on his Facebook profile along with a status recounting the homophobic attack, which has now gone viral. Alexander was violently attacked by two guys in Aberdeen’s Nox nightclub, just after midnight, suffering a ...

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More than half of homophobic attacks in South Lanarkshire recorded in Rutherglen and Cambuslang


Figures from Police Scotland shows that the towns of Rutherglen and Cambuslang, in South Lanarkshire, are responsible for over half of the homophobic attacks registered in the region. Local newspaper the Reformer found, through a Freedom of Information request, that out of the 127 crimes recorded as “sexual orientation/transgender” committed across the region, 69 happened in these two towns. The numbers ...

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Shetland court hears homophobia charge


A Glaswegian man accused of directing homophobic remarks towards a fellow worker on board a ship has had his case continued without plea at Lerwick Sheriff Court, reports the Shetland News. Lee Fitzpatrick, 25, of Castlemilk, is alleged to have made aggressive and homophobic comments on the MV Gemini, an accommodation vessel harboured at Blackness Pier, Scalloway. Fitzpatrick is accused ...

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Glasgow pair admit to homophobia based attack

Calvin McLelland and James Knotts

Glasgow pair admit in court that their attack, targeting a gay couple, was motivated by homophobia. Calvin McLelland and his pal James Knots, aged 20 and 16, have admitted carrying out a homophobic attack on 25 year-old Dillon Jeffreys and his 19 year-old partner Connor Sullivan in August 2013, according to the BBC. They also used homophobic slurs with the onslaught ...

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