Sunday , 19 January 2020

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Proud study film highlights PrEP’s necessity: Part 1

Proud Study

Filmmaker Nicholas Feustel has launched a unique documentary about the PROUD HIV prevention study, in a two-part feature series, KaleidoScot discusses the film, its importance and interviews participants and experts. In the first part of the interview we speak with Feustel, and documentary participants, Gus Cairns and Greg Mitchell. The PROUD study showed that Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) – taking a ...

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HIV treatment to be given on diagnosis, trial suggests

HIV-1 budding (in green) from cultured lymphocyte

A clinical trial study found that people living with the HIV should start treatment before the virus weakens their immune system, as is the case now. The important randomaised clinical trial study showed that if HIV positive people receive treatment when their CD4 cell count is higher, instead of waiting until their CD4 cell count drops to lower levels, have ...

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Scotland must extend PrEP not wait for HIV vaccine


Charities across Scotland and the UK called upon the government for access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as an effective means of preventing HIV infection. While a vaccine for HIV could still be a long way off, existing prevention methods means Scotland and the rest of the UK already has the potential to reduce onward transmission of HIV, providing there is ...

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UK HIV Self Test Kits go on sale

The first officially licensed HIV Self Test Kits in the UK have now gone on sale. The kits, manufactured by BioSure, have been approved last month after legislations were amended to legalise self-testing. This blood-based test is, according to BioSure, is 99.7 percent accurate, and carries the ‘CE’ European quality assurance mark that represents approval by European quality testers. The ...

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HIV breakthrough: New treatment and possible vaccine

HIV-1 budding (in green) from cultured lymphocyte

An initial groundbreaking research shows a promising new antibody treatment reduces 300-fold HIV in positive people’s bloody system. The newly created antibody by a team of top US and German scientists suppressed HIV in the blood without any harmful side effects for up to a month, revealed a new study published in the journal Nature. The antibody, named 3BNC117, was ...

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Gay choir wows crowds for World AIDS Day


  The Edinburgh Gay Men’s Chorus has hosted two concerts in support of Waverley Care and to highlight World AIDS Day. The choir performed in their home city on Saturday, and followed that up with a performance in Glasgow on the eve of World AIDS Day, Monday night. Both concerts marked World AIDS Day, while also aiming to raise the profile ...

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To mark World AIDS Day Scotland lit up red


This year more than 80 buildings and landmarks too part in the Light Up Scotland campaign and have turned their lights red across Scotland to mark World AIDS Day and remind the nation that HIV and AIDS have not gone away. It is estimated there are 4479 individuals in Scotland living with HIV, 3734 are attending for specialist care and ...

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World Aids Day Scotland: Time to act, not just talk


Today is World AIDS Day, a time of reflection about the impact of HIV infection and the related pandemic has had and still continues exert. This should propel us, and above all our legislators, to act, not just talk. Despite remarkable advancements, such as better mortality rate than other viruses, such as Hepatitis C, providing anti-retroviral medication, HIV is treated ...

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World AIDS Day: What Scotland can do


Today we mark World AIDS Day. Much has been said about the state of the global pandemic, and the need for a renewed understanding widening access to HIV testing and early treatment. KaleidoScot’s own Dan Littauer has already asked the question; ‘Scotland, what will you do about HIV?’ Let me give you my answer. Education. But I would say that, ...

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Scotland, What Will You Do about HIV?

What Will You Do?

In an unprecedented move, for World AIDS Day (Monday 1 December), charities, campaigners and health boards from across Scotland have joined forces to ask Scotland ‘What Will You Do’ about HIV – the virus that when left untreated can lead to AIDS. The campaign is asking everyone in Scotland, from individuals to politicians, to think actively about what they can ...

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