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Hate crime down towards Scotland’s LGBTI community

Hate Crime

Figures show a drop in hate crime based on sexual orientation and gender-identity has dropped from last year, according to Police Scotland. However, sexual orientation aggravated crime is the second most common type of hate crime, behind racism (which dropped from last year) and surpassing ones based on religion, revealed statistics published yesterday by the Scottish government. In 2014-15, 841 ...

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UN Report: LGBTI people subjected to brutal violence worldwide

UN Report: Born Equal and Free

Brutal, violence, abuse, harassment and discrimination against LGBTI people is widespread and goes unpunished worldwide, a UN report says. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands suffered injuries in recent years, were documented in a report, entitled “Born Equal and Free” submitted to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The “brutal” and “grotesque” violence include stoning, dismemberment, knifing, rape ...

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Two sentenced for homophobic attack

Glasgow Sheriff Court

Two men who brutally assaulted a gay couple in Glasgow almost two years ago were sentenced to jail yesterday at the city’s Sheriff Court. STV News reported that Calvin McLelland, 20, from Coatbridge and James Knot, 16, from the Gorbals, both pleaded guilty to assault aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation. Both have been given prison sentences of nine ...

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Stonewall study shows hate crime still prevalent in Scotland

Stonewall Scotland research on hate crime

Dan Aldridge, Policy Manager at Stonewall Scotland, tells KaleidoScot how hate crime is still a problem in Scotland and what Stonewall Scotland, in partnership with other organisations, are doing to combat it. In Scotland we often pride ourselves as being a nation built on the principles of tolerance and fairness. Unfortunately Stonewall Scotland research highlights that the lived experience of ...

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Stand Up, Speak Out says LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Youth Scotland crowdfunding campaign

Shh! Silence Helps Homophobia – that’s the message of LGBT Youth Scotland in a new campaign aimed at schools, colleges and universities across the country. The group, Scotland’s largest youth and community organisation for LGBTI young people, is using crowdfunding to sponsor a campaign to to tackle homophobia in education. Launched at the first National Youth Summit on 23rd August ...

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Gay couple forced to leave Edinburgh after hate attacks

Daniel Donaldson

Edinburgh based lawyer Daniel Donaldson and his partner, who have been subjected to an ongoing anti-gay attacks, say they are planning to relocate becaue they are unable to take action against the teen perpetrators. The couple has been attacked by youth; being abused verbally, having their car vandelised, and bricks and bottles hurled at their Edinburgh home. The lawyer reported ...

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Edinburgh police respond on hate crime


Last week we at KaleidoScot brought you the story of Daniel Donaldson, an Edinburgh man who has been suffering homophobic harassment in his local area. Today, the Edinburgh Prevention, Interventions and Partnerships Department of Police Scotland got back to us to address ongoing concerns about anti-gay prejudice in the capital. “Police Scotland can confirm they are investigating, a number of ...

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