Friday , 21 January 2022

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Belief Matters … Or Not? The Limits to Free Speech?

Pastor Angus Buchan

Free speech is an essential ingredient of any democratic society. For freedom of expression to mean anything, it must include the right to offend others. You have the right to attack my religious beliefs, political beliefs, lifestyle, sexuality and so on. You even have the right to use intemperate language, should you so wish. I have the same right to ...

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Priest suspended following harassment claim

St Aidan's Church

  A Catholic priest has been suspended from his post after the church received a complaint that he harassed a former altar boy. Father Frank King, 50, who has been serving as the parish priest at St Aidan’s Church in Wishaw, was reproached by the Bishop of Motherwell after Tony Moore, now 29, alleged he received a number of inappropriate ...

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Edinburgh man speaks out on harassment


An Edinburgh man has spoken out about a campaign of homophobic harassment that has left him feeling unsafe in his ow neighbourhood. Daniel Donaldson, who has recently been volunteering at the Commonwealth games, says the abuse began with children making relatively mild comments but grew much worse over the school holidays. The children threw stones at his house and smashed ...

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