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Manifesto watch: Where do the Scottish Lib Dems stand on LGBTI issues?

Willie Rennie

The Scottish Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto, Be The Best Again, last week. The party’s flagship policies, including the proposals for a “penny for education” and “putting democracy back into policing”, have sparked some online discussion in recent days. The manifesto was launched at an Edinburgh soft play centre, perhaps to emphasise the party’s ambitions to “revolutionise” education and nursery ...

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Why the gender binary idol is unworthy of worship


  One of the main positives to emerge from the Scottish parliamentary election campaign so far has been a broad consensus from the main parties on issues of LGBT+ equality. This was highlighted last week at an LGBTI hustings in Edinburgh, hosted by Stonewall Scotland, the Equality Network and the Scottish Transgender Alliance. In some respects this was inevitable and ...

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Jeffrey Marsh, Di(vine) Star

Jeffrey Marsh - VINE STAR - www.jeffreymarsh.com

  Jeffrey Marsh identifies as genderqueer and is an LGBTI+ advocate, host and author. Jeffrey is big on social media, creating Vine Videos with a positive, inclusive message. In 2015 Jeffrey was named “Red Carpet Correspondent” for MTV/LOGO and GLSEN. In August of this year, Penguin/Random House will publish Jeffrey’s first book, How To Be You. Stuart Russell spoke to Jeffrey Marsh ...

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Catholicism, Mercy and Liberation

Pope Francis

  In “Just Good Friends” lesbian feminist theologian Elizabeth Stuart compares responses to sexuality and gender to a football match where LGBT people are the spectators. She suggests when liberal players get the ball they stand in the middle unable to decide which goal to aim for: they want to maintain church unity while offering a degree of support to ...

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Scottish Green leadership positions should not reduce gender to two boxes


The Scottish Green Party has two co-conveners of different genders. I am currently one of these, and am running for re-election. This attempt to balance is based on an important principle. We don’t accept that the work of winning gender equality is won, and so we actively seek to rectify that in our structures. There is, though, a problem. The ...

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Sex changing tree confuses scientists

Fortingall Church, Perthshire. The yew can be seen to the left of the picture.

The oldest tree in Britain appears to have changed its sex, confusing prominent scientists.   The Fortingall Yew, which is based in a Perthshire churchyard, is estimated to be between 3,000 and 5,000 years old and has long believed to be male.   Male yew trees release pollen while female trees produce bright red berries.   However, last month the ...

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Degendering and other made up words


Are Germaine Greer and Richard Dawkins being transphobic?  Johanna argues that their perspective is wrong because they both dehumanify gender and empty it of its subjectivity. Beyond calling transphobia “transphobia”, we have very few ways of describing what is specifically wrong with bigotism directed towards transgender people (or people perceived to be transgender). It’s a truism that trans-conversations take about six ...

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Glasgow fashion brand goes unisex

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 21.19.09

Abandon Ship, one of the coolest fashion brands made in Scotland, taking inspiration from its designs, took on a bold, innovative and very smart decision to make part of its collections entirely unisex. Friends Richard Davies and Duncan Sweeny established the Glaswegian streetwear label in 2011, and have since then created a “cult” of hardcore fashion followers around the globe. ...

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The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part III

In the final part of the trilogy detailing the life and work of playwright and actor Jo Clifford, she gives tips to aspiring storytellers and explains her own working methods, views and philosophy, and she still finds time to gleefully explain her recent experience as the first openly transsexual female playwright for London’s West End, with her adaptation of Charles ...

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The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part II

In this the second instalment of KaleidoScots interview with Jo Clifford writer/star of critical Edinburgh Festival Fringe sensation, she explains her personal history, her inspirations, and also summarises what it means to be transsexual in today’s world. Where did your love of storytelling came from? The first thing I have a memory of when I was a boy, was a ...

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