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Dan’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Dan Littauer shares his coming out story: “I knew I was gay from quite early on, at first it felt quite natural but soon enough I found out that people thought it wasn’t, and that took me years to recover from, let alone feel comfortable enough about my sexuality. “When I was in kindergarten, as young as six, I ...

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Stuart’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Stuart Duffy shares his Coming Out Story: “I gradually creaked open the closet door on my sexuality, letting some close friends know in my mid-20’s before I finally told my family when I was 32. I guess I was most scared about telling my Dad as we didn’t have the best relationship when I was young, but he was ...

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Rob’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Rob McDowall shares his Coming Out Story: “As a bolshie thirteen year old living in a wee costal town in the West of Scotland, I was hit with the realisation that I was thinking about sex and relationships with other males while my peers were thinking about the opposite sex. “I was terrified when I decided to come out ...

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Nicola’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Nicola Hunter Page shares her Coming Out Story: “When I was a teenager, I was the lucky girl that had the mum my friends adored. More often than not they would spend time at my house, asking her for advice and help – generally treating her like a second mother. She in turn loved them right back, but kept ...

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Paolo’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Paolo Bazzoni shares his story: “My mum was a very clever woman. I think somewhere ‘in the back of her head’ she always knew I would not get a wife, so she taught me how to saw, iron, knit and cook, as I child. When I was about 14, she sat me down in the kitchen, for a talk. ...

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Jonathan’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Jonathan Welford shares his Coming Out story: “The first rumblings that I was gay came at the age of eight, I had a huge crush on my teacher. Mr Barton was a the first male teacher I’d had, he was in his twenties, and very hairy, a luscious beard and hairy forearms, when we did sports he wore tight ...

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Harry’s Coming Out Story

Harry Dozier

Harry Dozier of KaleidoScot shares his story of coming out: “I came out when I was 19. I come from a very conservative Christian home and knew that my decision to come out would not be welcomed. Thankfully I was in the secure environment of University so plucked up the courage. As expected my mother told me I was no ...

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Cathleen’s Coming Out Story

Cathleen Lauder of KaleidoScot shares her story of coming out: “My coming-out to my family happened within the past seven months. I decided to do so by writing them all a letter. It took number of weeks to compose that letter and last few weeks leading-up to sending them out, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I could barely think, ...

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Andrew’s Coming Out story


Andrew Page of KaleidoScot shares his story of coming out: “I grew up in the Hebrides and it wasn’t really the kind of place where it was easy to come out. In my teens my identity was actually quite confused; the inevitable consequence of a religious culture that treated homosexual feelings as sinful or temporary. It was made tougher by ...

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KaleidoScot’s writers tell their Coming Out Stories

KaleidoScot's writers tell their coming stories

Today is the National Coming Out Day (11 October every year) and is a chance for those of us who are LGBTI to support others to ‘come out’ and be who they are. So we figured that we, KaleidoScot’s writers and contributors, would share out stories with you.  We also hope that it would help people in less open communities ...

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