Thursday , 5 December 2019

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Media disregard for award winners shows inability to grasp diversity


  It seems the mainstream media still don’t “get” LGBTI issues. Or even the existence of an diverse LGBTI community – even among those sections of the media anxious to appear inclusive to the point they sponsor LGBTI events. This week, the first ever Scottish LGBTI Awards ceremony was held in Glasgow. The media was there in force, but anyone ...

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Bear Hug – Fun, promising farce

Bear Hug

Bear Hug is a gleefully old-fashioned, farce about sexuality in the 21st Century. Written by Rory Mackenzie and performed by Mermaids Performing Arts Fund, it is a smart and funny, with sharp performances, and many witty laugh out loud lines and moments. The basic plot revolves around the parents of shy university graduate Alex, and his fear of telling the ...

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KRD Strip: (and what) A Place to Stand!

KRD Strip

I really do not know where to start with this review, except state, right up front: that I came from a place of almost complete ignorance about what to except, even after getting a great wee interview speaking to those involved in the production (- which will be a later article). I know little about dance, and music, I know ...

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Belfast Boy – beautifully written and performed

Belfast Boy

Belfast Boy is a beautifully written and performed play based around the life of a caring and warm-hearted, yet deeply troubled, gay Irishman called Martin Hall, portrayed by Greg Fossard, who initially spent his childhood in Northern Ireland during the darker days of its more recent history before he and his family up-sticks to England. As we, the audience, get ...

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Karen Buckley murderer claimed to be depressed and gay

Alexander Pacteau

Karen Buckley’s murderer had previously been cleared of attempting to rape a woman, STV News revealed earlier this week. In 2013, Alexander Pacteau stood trial and was found not guilty of attempted rape at Paisley High Court. Court transcripts of the trial show that Pacteau was described as a “daft young lad” by the defence, and that he claimed to ...

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REVIEW: DIVE!: C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

DIVE! Cabaret

The show began fashionably late – as every self-respecting cabaret should. That only added to the audience’s feverish anticipation for it as Dive! is quickly becoming an institution in Edinburgh’s LGBTI+ nightlife. When compere Miss Annabel Sings opened the show, she capitalised on that buzz and stoked it further.  She was a superb ringmistress for her circus, and she also ...

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Freedom To Donate says lift “draconian” gay blood donation ban

Freedom To Donate

The “draconian” ban on gay men donating blood must be reviewed, demands a campaign backed by MPs, MEPs and UK-wide and Scottish charities. The Freedom To Donate campaign, supported by political leaders such as Liberal Democrats’ Tim Farron and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, SNP MPs and others from across the political spectrum, demanding the reconsideration of a ban against ...

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Opinion: Glasgow Free Pride – a terrible muddle?

Glasgow Pride War

“Free Pride” have gotten themselves into a terrible muddle and attracted a lot of negative publicity both in Scotland and internationally for a wrong-headed and unnecessary decision to ban drag acts from their activities around Glasgow Pride.  It is a true muddle as their position has not been properly thought through and was meant to be secret so it has emerged ...

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Report: LGBT people face widespread inequality in Scotland

The Scottish LGBT Equality Report

A new report published today by the Equality Network revealed that LGBT people still face widespread inequality in Scotland. The Scottish LGBT Equality Report, a state of the nation report on LGBT people’s experiences of inequality in Scotland surveyed 1052 respondents from across the country. It reveals that despite recent advances in the law and social attitudes, such as the ...

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John Nicolson slams BBC for lack of LGBTI representation

John Nicolson

SNP MP and former BBC Breakfast host, John Nicolson, sharply criticised the BBC for its attitude towards LGBTI diversity. He claimed that the BBC’s attitude to LGBTI TV figures has changed little since openly camp stars such as Larry Grayson and John Inman were labelled by the media corporation as “waiting for the right woman to come along”, suggesting it ...

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