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Young gay Scots see monogamy as protection from HIV

HIV-1 budding (in green) from cultured lymphocyte

Research carried out University of Glasgow suggests that young gay men in Scotland often rely on trust rather than testing as means of ensuring a monogamous partner is HIV negative. The results were presented in GAYCON 2014, the 5th National Conference for Scotland on Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health and Wellbeing, according to a report by Aidsmap. Doctoral student, Nicola ...

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Glasgow Hydro raves for Gaga

LadyGaga at The SSE Hydro

Lady Gaga hit Scotland on Sunday and brought her ArtRave – The Artpop Ball Tour to Glasgow’s SSE Hydro for gay Scots to enjoy. KaleidoScot sent Richard McArthur along to rave with ‘Mother Monster’, and he tells it was one hell of a show: energetic and fearless. Coming just a year after she suffered a hip injury which had the singer cancel ...

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When Larry met Jerry, a 20-year journey to equal marriage

Jerry Slater and Larry Lamont can finally get married!

In an exclusive interview with KaleidoScot, Larry Lamont (81) and Jerry Slater (58), a gay couple from Kirkcudbright, tell their journey from a blind date meeting to their future marriage after Hogmanay, this year. We caught up with Larry and Jerry earlier this week at celebration on Calton Hill, where the Scottish Government together with the Equality Network heralded the announcement ...

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Glasgow gay man cleared of attempted rape of woman

Livingston Court where Craig appeared today

A man has been cleared of trying to rape a 49-year-old woman after telling a Livingston court today that he was actually gay. A jury took less than an hour to return a majority verdict finding William Craig not guilty. During the trial in Livingston today, he asked the jury: “Why would I want to drag her into the bushes when ...

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Scottish parliament welcomes LGBTI marriage date


Out gay SNP MSP, Marco Biagi, lodged a Motion stating the Scottish parliament welcomes the announcement same-sex marriage “will come into effect on 31 December 2014,” receiving cross party support, yesterday. It also noted that, from that date, it will be possible for same-sex couples in Scotland to have a civil marriage ceremony or a religious or belief based ceremony. The ...

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LGBTI SNP members write to leadership candidates

The SNP’s LGBTI membership wing, Out for Independence, have written to the three candidates for deputy leader of the party and Nicola Sturgeon, the sole candidate to succeed Alex Salmond as leader and First Minister of Scotland, seeking their views on a range of issues important to LGBTI people in Scotland. The letters, sent to all candidates, Angela Constance MSP, Keith ...

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Scotland to celebrate first LGBTI marriage this Hogmanay

Scotland's First Same-Sex Marriage this Hogmanay!

The first same sex marriage ceremonies in Scotland are expected to go ahead from this Hogmanay, announced today the Scottish Government. The government have also announced that couples who wish to convert their existing civil partnerships to marriage will be able to do so, free of charge for the first year, as soon as the law comes into force on ...

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Rev David Robertson, my views on LGBTI rights

Rev David Robertson

Rev David Robertson, recently nominated Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, who for the first time writes to a LGBTI publication,  tells KaleidoScot his views on LGBTI Rights, and says he is not anti-gay. Robertson is the minister of Dundee St Peter’s Free Church and director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, he will take up at the ...

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Dan’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Dan Littauer shares his coming out story: “I knew I was gay from quite early on, at first it felt quite natural but soon enough I found out that people thought it wasn’t, and that took me years to recover from, let alone feel comfortable enough about my sexuality. “When I was in kindergarten, as young as six, I ...

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Stuart’s Coming Out Story

KaleidoScot’s Stuart Duffy shares his Coming Out Story: “I gradually creaked open the closet door on my sexuality, letting some close friends know in my mid-20’s before I finally told my family when I was 32. I guess I was most scared about telling my Dad as we didn’t have the best relationship when I was young, but he was ...

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