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Harry’s Coming Out Story

Harry Dozier

Harry Dozier of KaleidoScot shares his story of coming out: “I came out when I was 19. I come from a very conservative Christian home and knew that my decision to come out would not be welcomed. Thankfully I was in the secure environment of University so plucked up the courage. As expected my mother told me I was no ...

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Cathleen’s Coming Out Story

Cathleen Lauder of KaleidoScot shares her story of coming out: “My coming-out to my family happened within the past seven months. I decided to do so by writing them all a letter. It took number of weeks to compose that letter and last few weeks leading-up to sending them out, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I could barely think, ...

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Andrew’s Coming Out story


Andrew Page of KaleidoScot shares his story of coming out: “I grew up in the Hebrides and it wasn’t really the kind of place where it was easy to come out. In my teens my identity was actually quite confused; the inevitable consequence of a religious culture that treated homosexual feelings as sinful or temporary. It was made tougher by ...

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KaleidoScot’s writers tell their Coming Out Stories

KaleidoScot's writers tell their coming stories

Today is the National Coming Out Day (11 October every year) and is a chance for those of us who are LGBTI to support others to ‘come out’ and be who they are. So we figured that we, KaleidoScot’s writers and contributors, would share out stories with you.  We also hope that it would help people in less open communities ...

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Take action with LGBT Youth Scotland this Coming Out Day

LGBT Youth Scotland crowdfunding campaign

During this National Coming Out day LGBT Youth Scotland will be sharing coming out stories from young people to raise awareness of the challenges the LGBTI community face. The group is also calling on people everywhere to join its campaign, Shh – Silence Helps Homophobia, by standing up and speaking out against homophobia. It invites you to: 1. Pledge your ...

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Edinburgh gay flamingo couple adopt wee abandoned chick

A flamingo and its chick

A gay flamingo couple in Edinburgh’s zoo has taken under their wings a wee flamingo chick after its parents have abandoned it. The wee fluffy  flamingo chick was rejected after being knocked out of the nest by its parents, only to be saved and happily adopted by the gay flamingo couple. Senior bird keeper Nick Dowling told The Mirror: “We ...

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Tomorrow is Reclaim the Night Edinburgh

Reclaim The Night Edinburgh

A march will be held tomorrow, Saturday night, at the Scottish capital against sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist harassment, abuse, and violence. Reclaim the Night is an inclusive, community-led event aimed at raising awareness of the harm done by street harassment, as well as broader issues of abuse and sexual violence. “From cat-calling to groping, the use of slurs ...

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Ban HIV positive migrants from the UK, says Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP

Nigel Farage, leader of the right wing UKIP party, called for HIV positive people and murderers to be banned from migrating to Britain as a “good start” in “controlling the quality of people who come” to the UK. The statement came shortly before the UKIP’s first ever MP was elected into office in the Clacton byelection, last night. His statement ...

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Three Scots nominated for Stonewall Awards 2014

Stonewall Awards 2014

Glasgow’s Commonwealth’s Pride House, Alex Neil, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing and Liz MacKean TV reporter and presenter have been nominated for the 2014 Stonewall Awards. Glasgow’s Pride House, which was run by LEAP Sports Scotland (LSS) and became a focal point for LGBTI related events during the Commonwealth Games as well as for Scotland’s LGBTI community, ...

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Scottish Borders Council to consider flying Rainbow flag

Scottish Borders Council flies the Saltire but not the Rainbow flag

A small working group of Scottish Borders Council (SBC) officials are considering whether to allow the rainbow flag flown above its buildings, reported the Border Telegraph. SBC has repeatedly denied requests to fly the rainbow flag over their Newton Headquarters, stating in several instances that it consider the LGBT community as a “special interest group” rather than a “minority group” ...

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