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Belief Matters … or Not? Trans response to Pope

Pope Francis

Last week Pope Francis described gender theory and teaching about transgender people as a threat that is a “world war against marriage” and an example of the “ideological colonisation” that is “corrupting” many parts of the world.  I respond to his speech here. I am become Death, the Annihilator of Man. Ma ricòrdati sempre che i mostri non muoiono. Quello ...

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Belief Matters … Or Not? Faith and Doubt: two sides of the same coin


  I’m in church. Mass will shortly be starting. I am praying, reciting the familiar words, thanking God for my life and explaining my problems. But something isn’t right. I feel I am praying to nothing, I feel an emptiness. Perhaps I have had a row with my husband or am angry at the latest homophobic outburst from some influential ...

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Belief Matters…Or Not? Paul O’Grady, The Sally Army and the BBC


Paul O’Grady’s new BBC TV series “The Sally Army and Me” is certainly good popular light entertainment and Paul is his usual camp self, often funny and seemingly able to get the best out of those he meets. At the same time as we laugh at his antics – for example, getting the drum beat wrong when playing with the ...

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Biblical literalism: a conservative heresy?


Supporters of fundamentalism and literalism argue that the authors of the Bible were directly inspired by the Holy Spirit, that every word is the direct word of God and that, as such, every word must be true. Adherents of literalism argue that the Bible provides an exact factual history of the world from its creation onwards. According to this logic, ...

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Belief Matters…or Not? The Christmas Gift: Liberation


  An imperialist tyrant instructs his staff to ensure everyone travels to particular locations to be counted, thus causing serious problems for many people. One couple, a blue collar worker and his pregnant wife, are forced to travel to a distant town, during which time they are not earning any money. After a long and difficult journey, they find there ...

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The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part II

In this the second instalment of KaleidoScots interview with Jo Clifford writer/star of critical Edinburgh Festival Fringe sensation, she explains her personal history, her inspirations, and also summarises what it means to be transsexual in today’s world. Where did your love of storytelling came from? The first thing I have a memory of when I was a boy, was a ...

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The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part I

When you first meet Jo Clifford, the thing that impresses you most about her is the mellifluous, gentle, soulful and often mischievous voice. Once you get to know her, you find it is not how she speaks that electrifies you, but what she says. Her words are always deeply considered, impassioned and thought provoking – and regularly playful This is ...

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