Friday , 27 May 2022

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Destroying some myths about bisexuality


  It’s Bi Visibility Day today, which should be a reason to celebrate all things bisexual. However, as a bisexual person, I find that many people still don’t understand us. Some time ago, I saw a doctor who had reason to ask about my sexual activities. When I mentioned that I am attracted to men (as well as women) he ...

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Take pride in Bi Visibility Day


  Today is Bi Visibility Day – which, since 1999, has been a day to celebrate and recognise bisexuality (and pansexuality), the bisexual community and bisexual history. Initially set up by three activists in the USA – Wendy Curry, Michael Page and Gigi Raven Wilbur – to challenge what they considered to be “bi invisibility”, Bi Visibility Day is now ...

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Today is Bi Visibility Day

Bi Visibiliy Day

September 23rd is Bi Visibility Day! Since 1999, Bi Visibility Day has been celebrating bisexuality, giving opportunities for bisexual people to meet up, addressing issues surrounding biphobia and generally helping the bisexual community to be more visible. Bi Visbility Day is being commemorated in at least 19 countries across the world. In the UK, large employers such as the Co-operative ...

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