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Belief Matters…Or Not? Paul O’Grady, The Sally Army and the BBC


Paul O’Grady’s new BBC TV series “The Sally Army and Me” is certainly good popular light entertainment and Paul is his usual camp self, often funny and seemingly able to get the best out of those he meets. At the same time as we laugh at his antics – for example, getting the drum beat wrong when playing with the ...

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Jordan Gray: “It’s a Cinderella story”

Jordan Gray - The Voice -

    Jordan Gray is a transgender musician currently taking part in BBC talent show, The Voice. Jordan impressed the shows judges with her ability but they did not choose her to continue past the first round of auditions. However, luck was on her side when an act from the show had to drop out, giving Jordan a place in the show. ...

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A Wee Celebrity

Julie Clarke

I’m Julie Clarke. I live and work on the Isle of Coll which is just of the west coast of Scotland, a 3 hour ferry journey from Oban. You’d be right if you thought living on a remote island posed certain challenges as there isn’t the more reliable amenities and services which those living on the mainland enjoy. However being ...

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SPOTY: Murray wins amid Fury furore


    Scottish tennis star Andy Murray was confirmed as the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year last night. The decision was perhaps unsurprising, given the former Wimbledon winner’s popularity and his success in helping Great Britain win the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936. Murray’s SPOTY victory was his second – having previously won the accolade in ...

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Fury over Freedom of Speech

Tyson Fury

That Voltaire didn’t write “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” does not take away the power of those words. In any society that claims to be democratic, freedom of speech has to be the default position. But what about words that express hate of others or want to deny ...

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Coming Oot: The fabulous history of Gay Scotland


Narrated by actor Richard Wilson and featuring the voices and faces of those who lived in Scotland when male homosexual behaviour was illegal, last night’s BBC documentary The Fabulous History of Gay Scotland took us on a roller coaster of a journey from the 1950s to the present. In attempting to answer the question of why a nation that seemed ...

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Germaine Greer: Transwomen are “not women”


  The BBC has reported today that prominent feminist academic and author Germaine Greer has said that transgender women are, “not women”. She has justified this statement by her opinion that transgender women do not, “look like, sound like or behave like women”. As a transwoman and feminist I reject her words utterly and deplore the potential harm with which ...

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Football ace hits out an online homophobia


A high profile footballer has revealed she has suffered online homophobic abuse and has called for respect and understanding.   Jess Fishlock, who played for Glasgow City in 2013 and has won 87 international caps for Wales, opened up while speaking to the BBC’s Staffan Garrero  about her eventful sporting career and the challenges she has experienced because of her ...

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Teacher claims LGBTI education will “encourage children to be gay”

TIE Campaign

A former Roman Catholic schoolteacher has warned that making changes to the way that Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenting education is delivered in schools could “encourage children to become homosexual or lesbian”. The former teacher, Hugh McLaughlin, was speaking yesterday on Stephen Jardine’s BBC Radio Scotland programme. The issue of how we teach young people about homosexuality and gender identity ...

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Queer highlights of Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Edinburgh Fringe

This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival features fifty plus queer themed shows, KaleidoScot explores some of them for the LGBTI festival goers. Some of the highlights include contemporary dance with a genderqueer theme Boys Who Like to Play With Dolls (12th to 22nd August at DanceBase) that I set in “a world where masculinity and femininity are unrelated to male and female forms”. ...

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