Friday , 23 August 2019

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LGBTI icon Michelle Visage brings heartfelt message to Glasgow

Michelle Visage

      LGBTI icon Michelle Visage often displays the extent of her passion and commitment to combat prejudice and bullying. She showed this and much more when I met her with my son and daughter in Glasgow last weekend. Her visit was touching. My son has experienced homophobic bullying and I have struggled with my own self-acceptance. Michelle’s unique ...

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Police Scotland Crack Down on Hate Crime

Police Scotland Hate Crime Campaign

This week, Police Scotland launched its Hate Crime Campaign, encouraging victims to come forward and stand up to hate crime. Hate incidents not only cause suffering and social tensions in Scotland but are also a criminal offence. Police Scotland are concerned about hate incidents and are working hard alongside LGBTI communities and organisations to stamp out hate crime. Kenny Craig from Police Scotland ...

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Michael Russell: an inclusive tolerant Scotland starts at school

Leeze Lawrence interviews Michael Russell

In an exclusive video-interview KaleidoScot reporter, Leeze Lawrence, interviews Michael Russell, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, on how the Scottish Government intends to tackle homophobia in school. The interview with Russell follows Colin MacFarlane’s, director of Stonewall Scotland, call for the Scottish government to take action and tackle LGBTI bullying in schools following a report that reveals how ...

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Colin MacFarlane: We’ve got to tackle LGBT bullying in Scotland

Stonewall Scotland

Colin MacFarlane, director of Stonewall Scotland, talks to KaleidoScot and calls upon a concerted action to tackle LGBTI bullying in schools following a report published by his organisation that reveals how teachers feel unable to act to prevent it. A new YouGov polling released on Monday by Stonewall Scotland shows that teachers are still failing to tackle homophobic bullying in ...

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Growing up with school homophobia in Scotland

Bullying can traumatise youth, picture by Diego Grez

During my school life, from primary six to fourth year at secondary, I was constantly bullied for being gay. I would get called names such as “poof”, “faggot” and “queer”. I was punched, kicked and pushed. It was a very dark time and I would skip school by pretending to be sick. I first reported this when I was in ...

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LGBT Youth Scotland – solutions to tackle school homophobia

Mhairi McMillan, Policy Director of LGBT Youth Scotland discusses Stonewall Scotland’s research findings and offers solutions to tackle school homophobia. The research published by Stonewall Scotland on Monday further backs up the need for the important work being done to address homophobia and homophobic bullying in Scottish Schools. LGBT Youth Scotland’s current campaign, ‘Shh! Silence helps homophobia’ gives us all a ...

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