Sunday , 19 January 2020

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LGBTI icon Michelle Visage brings heartfelt message to Glasgow

Michelle Visage

      LGBTI icon Michelle Visage often displays the extent of her passion and commitment to combat prejudice and bullying. She showed this and much more when I met her with my son and daughter in Glasgow last weekend. Her visit was touching. My son has experienced homophobic bullying and I have struggled with my own self-acceptance. Michelle’s unique ...

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Scotland’s next census may ask Scots about their sexuality

Scotland's Census

  Sexual orientation may be included in Scotland’s 2021 census for the first time, in order to combat discrimination and promote equality. The plans which are now being considered by the Scottish Government were previously absent due to concerns about personal privacy and “public acceptability” surrounding the topic, reported The Independent. The change was suggested by the body responsible for the census, ...

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Personal safety classes offered to LGBTI people

The former Barony St. John's Church

The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety will be offering safety classes to LGBTI communities all over Scotland. This move comes in response to concerns that LGBTI people are often the subject of physical or verbal attacks. The centre’s executive director Alan Bell said: “We will shortly be offering a range of classes which will equip people to defend themselves from ...

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Glasgow to host Scottish Queer International Film Festival


The first annual Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) will take place in Glasgow running from 24th to 27th September. The opening event will take place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CAA) with various events hosting other events. The formation of SQIFF was as a result of the growing number of films being made by and for the queer ...

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Ruth Davidson: I want to marry my girlfriend in Ireland

Ruth Davidson

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson, said she would like to marry her partner in Ireland if the country votes for marriage equality. During a joint radio interview with her partner Jen Wilson, her Irish partner, Davidson said they woul d like to get married in Ireland and that Wilson is “desperate” for a Yes vote on Friday. ...

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SSP highlights LGBT asylum, pension rights and education

Scottish Socialist Party

The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) emphasises pension and asylum rights for LGBT people and strong anti-prejudice policies. It also calls for complete devolution of all equality related legislation to Scotland. The party set the following policy pledges: “Guaranteed long term funding for community projects supporting LGBT people, under direct democratic control of service users, with full transparency and accountability. “Educational ...

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Baby on way for Glasgow’s lesbian icon

Heather Pearce

Musician and actress Heather Peace has announced that she and her wife Elle are expecting their first child. In less than three weeks the lesbian icon’s wife Elle will give birth to their daughter. Peace shot to fame in the mid nineties with appearances in Emmerdale, The Bill and London’s Burning. But Heather captured the hearts of the LGBTI community when ...

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Lack of understanding of ageing LGBT population is cause for concern


Concerns over consideration of LGBT people in social care have recently been raised by The Guardian, with the newspaper has describing the 1.2 million elderly lesbian and gay population as ‘the invisible population.’ A new project is highlighting the requirements of the older LGBT community with the objective of discovering the best ways to provide support. The National LGB&T Partnership, ...

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Gay as Folk!

gay as folk poster

Glasgow singer/songwriter standing up for LGBT lyrics   20 year-old Glasgow singer/songwriter Charly Houston is stepping up to the mic to combat anxieties that face LBGT artists – and she’s looking for more performers to join her. The event, Gay as Folk, which will take place on April 19th at Broadcast on Sauchiehall Street, will be a celebration of diversity ...

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Trans Equal Marriage: true diversity, true love

Finlay KS 2

Finlay and Drew, two trans men, who met as a former lesbian couple, Abbie and Kate, are set to marry as gay men in Glasgow in two years’ time, the Daily Record has reported. The two met in a bar in Oxford and have been in a lesbian relationship for just over five years. Finlay Games knew he was trapped ...

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