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Are LGBTI people more likely to suffer from mental ill-health?

Do LGBTI people suffer more from mental health problems? Painting by Van Gogh

LGBTI people are more likely to experience “long-standing mental health problems” according to new research. The study, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, makes the claim not only that LGBTI people are more likely to have mental health problems, but that they also have worse experiences of healthcare services. The survey, undertaken by researchers from Cambridge University, found ...

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Mackay apology – homophobic “banter” never acceptable


Former Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay has apologised for sending text messages of a sexist, racist and homophobic nature. Mackay, who played for Queen’s Park and Celtic and won five Scotland caps, and former Cardiff City head of recruitment Iain Moody were alleged to have exchanged a string of offensive text messages by their former employer. The allegations came to ...

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Does sports education contribute to homophobia?

Homophobia in sports education

A new Australian research revealed that four out of five school students have experienced casual homophobia in Physical Education (PE) lessons while a quarter have been physically abused by classmates during school sporting activities directly contributing to depression and anxiety among victims. The research findings of the study by Melbourne’s Victoria University, in conjunction with Australian mental health charity Beyondblue ...

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Affirmation Scotland – seeking to create a more inclusive church


The Rev Lindsay Biddle is a character more colourful than the rainbow flag. A  writer of hymns, blogs and novels, and a Presbyterian minister, Lindsay has experienced first-hand the humanity-diminishing effects of segregation while growing up in the Southern United States. Now ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) – which has recently declared its support for same-sex marriage – Lindsay ...

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A Gay Gael: A review of the first gay poetry collection in Gaelic

Deo - Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir’s debut collection of poetry (Deò) is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least that this distinctively contemporary work is written in the ancient language of Scottish Gaelic (usefully, with English translations). Gaelic is a deeply poetic language, lending itself to dramatic emotional expressions, but it is also limited and – indeed – limiting. Mac an ...

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Pride House’s LGBTI family-friendliness should be applauded

A child playing at Pride House, Glasgow

The Commonwealth Games have now concluded, and the media are now reflecting on Scotland’s success in hosting an event characterised by friendliness, diversity and tolerance. There can be no greater symbol of this than Pride House, which has been instrumental in celebrating diversity while highlighting the need for challenging prejudice and discrimination throughout the Commonwealth during the previous two weeks. ...

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LGBTI Commonwealth People – An exhibition review

LGBTI People of the Commonwealth

  During the Commonwealth Games, which conclude today, Glasgow has been the focus of interest within the sporting world – as it fully deserves to be. The games have not only provided entertainment for the hundreds of thousands of spectators, but have also served to put the spotlight on the Commonwealth. While the principal emphasis has been on sporting achievement, ...

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Against the rules – LGBTI people in sport

Against the Rules Exhibition

It’s all in the name: Against the Rules traces the history of LGBTI participation in sport, both amateur and professional, against the backdrop not only of cultural unfriendliness towards LGBTI equality built often outright hostility. I visited the exhibition, currently showing at The Virginia Gallery, which considers the lives and careers of  LGBTI sportsmen and sportswomen, reflecting on their achievements ...

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Pride a sign of changing Scottish culture

Pride Glasgow Gallery

LGBTI rights in Scotland have come a long way in the past 15 years, and this year’s Pride made that clearer than ever, according to KaleidoScot representative Andrew Page. “The atmosphere was friendly and, largely, inclusive – a contrast to Prides in the past – which itself is a sign of changing social attitudes,”he said. “People lining the streets to ...

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