Wednesday , 22 May 2019

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  1. don't like Farage, but believe immigration should be controlled….illegal immigrants put out of the country…HIV positives from other countries ….no way….puts a burden on the NHS which it doesn't need……stop religious studies in schools…..quit harping on about smoking…..bigger problem and killer is diesel and petrol…..etc etc

  2. Andrew McNaughton

    Sorry but I think you're playing straight into his hands. He has so obviously used HIV as a media whore trick. He probably doesn't care what disease they've got. His point is simple. Our NHS is not a charity to be drained by EU citizens who have not paid a penny to our NI. The NHS is supposedly on the edge of a cliff and I could agree with that after what I saw at Glasgow's Southern General (the old buildings) last month. Don't give this man the press exposure he's using you for. It's nothing to do with HIV. He's just selected it to get attention and because it's expensive

  3. Stuart, I really do not understand the logic in your standpoint. Farage has never stated he is against those with HIV or against immigration and such comments as yours are what is dangerous and sinister to a free-thinking electorate. In fact your whole article is proof that democratic values we supposedly epitomise have been almost totally eroded by the 'Blair' initiated PC brigade. The HIV argument is kind of common sense, especially as we have a 'FREE' NHS and those with serious medical needs will be a lifelong drain on our system. We don't need these kinds of immigrants, we have enough of our own to look after. If they wish to provide their own medical costs then fine but I doubt many, if any at all do. Screening immigrants is vital to the security and well-being of any country or perhaps you are saying that the US also have it wrong? Or maybe Australia or Canada or…..are wrong too????

  4. This article was awful and way below your normal standard kaleidoscot I don't know if this person is a newbie but he is a very poor writer. Everyone has their opinions and Farage deserves his too. I don't agree with Farage but he does have the right to air his opinions.

  5. this must be written by an intern, the quality is poor, writing not their strongest point.

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